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Ellanor Dorman and Shruti Vellat headshots

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The Australian National University’s (ANU) College of Business and Economics (CBE) alumna Ellanor Dorman, and current student Shruti Vellat, received CBE’s undergraduate and postgraduate Outstanding Intern of the Year award for Semester 2, 2022.

Every semester, the CBE Careers and Student Employability team offer a wide range of internships to CBE students. This is made possible through the many businesses who elect to be internship hosts.

The CBE Outstanding Intern of the Year award recognises the hard work and initiative that students put into their internships. Each year, up to four students are presented with the title and a prize of A$500.

In Semester 2, 2022, Ellanor selected Independent Property Group (Independent) as her internship host, and Shruti chose Suburban Land Agency (SLA).

In their interviews, Ellanor and Shruti praised their internship experience, discussing the ways in which their skills and career prospects were amplified.

Ellanor Dorman (Undergraduate CBE Outstanding Intern of the Year)

While undertaking her internship, Ellanor was completing a Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science. She focused on developing an on-boarding program at Independent. Ellanor is now studying a Doctor of Medicine with the University of Melbourne, with the intention of practicing as a Rural Generalist in Victoria, focusing on women’s health and paediatrics.

Q. Why did you choose Independent as your internship host?

Independent were offering an internship focused on restructuring their Employee on-boarding program, which particularly interested me as I had some exposure to this through my work at a pharmacy, and when I was studying Human Resource Management in second year. Independent were flexible with how I restructured their on-boarding program (as long as it was evidence-based!), and as a result I was able to tailor the project to my areas of interest.

Q. You were offered a fulltime position after your internship ended – congratulations! Was this career trajectory what you expected, and how has the experience been so far?

I was honoured to be offered a position at Independent after completing my internship, giving me the opportunity to further trial and integrate the new on-boarding program. It was great being part of a team that genuinely saw the value of human resources in a workplace. I hadn’t expected to work in this area before starting medicine, but the communication skills that I developed during the internship have definitely been helpful in my medical studies.

Q. How did your CBE Internship complement your ANU student experience, and what skills did you develop in the workplace?

I completed my internship at the very end of my degree as my only course in Semester 2, 2022. I found this scheduling incredibly valuable as it acted as a capstone subject for all the content I learned throughout my Bachelors. It's interesting how you can write a report on a company for university and simply recommend in conclusion they should ‘update their employee on-boarding program’. Growing that idea from a small sentence into a whole project is a lot easier said than done. This internship showed me how to put a recommendation into practice.

Q. What would you say to students who are hesitant to apply for a CBE Internship?

I initially thought that doing a project unrelated to the medical field wouldn’t be of much value to me, but I was definitely proved wrong. Even if the project is not in the field you want to pursue, there are so many valuable skills and experiences you can gain. Applying could be of great benefit to you, no matter what career you choose.


Shruti Vellat (Postgraduate CBE Outstanding Intern of the Year)

During her internship with SLA, Shruti established a financial reporting process for middle managers. She’s now in her final semester of her Master of Business Information Systems and works as an HDR officer with the ANU Graduate Research Office, providing strategic support across the HDR student lifecycle. Shruti is keen to combine her studies and previous experience in software development to be a business analyst.

Q. Why did you decide to do your internship with SLA?

Doing an internship with SLA, an ACT government agency, was a valuable opportunity for professional development, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of how government agencies operate. I was really interested in the business transformation project that SLA offered interns, along with the various opportunities to interact and learn from senior management.

Q. How did your studies prepare you for your internship?

My coursework provided the foundational knowledge and skills to excel at the internship. My courses enabled me to conduct background research efficiently, analyse data and develop evidence-based recommendations. Furthermore, my studies have also honed my ability to present and communicate ideas more effectively to diverse audiences.

Q. How has your internship experience shaped your future career plans?

My internship with SLA allowed me to explore my potential and understand my career goals. After this experience, I better recognise the workplace culture that enables me to thrive, which is critical for my future job search. I am keen on eventually working as a business analyst, and this business transformation internship has solidified my interest in the field.

Q. Would you recommend that students do a CBE Internship, and if so, why?

Absolutely! I highly encourage all CBE students to apply for the CBE Internship opportunity. This initiative is a great way to learn more about the Australian workplace and understand your career aspirations, as well as develop key skills while being supported by experienced mentors and the CBE Careers and Employability team!

Applications for CBE-sourced internships in Semester 2, 2023 close Wednesday 24 May. Applications for Student-sourced internships close Thursday 18 June. Click here to find out more about the application process.