A win for CBE Internships


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ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) students Kaveen Marasinghe and Oscar Li are recipients of the undergraduate and postgraduate CBE Outstanding Intern of the Year award for Semester 2, 2021.

The CBE Outstanding Intern of the Year award recognises the hard work and initiative students put into their internships. Up to four students are presented with the title and an A$500 prize every year.

Through CBE Internships, both Kaveen and Oscar completed CBE-sourced placements with ANU Investment Office.

Undergraduate winner Kaveen is overjoyed at this recognition of his work.

“I am delighted to receive the Intern of the Year award,” he says.

“I am happy to receive recognition for the hard work I put in during my internship. It is reassuring to know that I performed well.”

Postgraduate winner Oscar says he has benefited greatly from the experience.

“I really enjoyed learning skills in a supportive team and gaining experience working in what felt like a ‘real’ job. Completing a CBE Internship has been one the most valuable experiences in my life,” he shares.

In the interviews below, Kaveen and Oscar reflect on their experiences and discuss how their internships have provided them new insights and confidence about their career prospects.

Kaveen Marasinghe – Undergraduate CBE Outstanding Intern of the Year
Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Finance

Q. How have your skills improved because of the internship?

My technical skills have improved through completing an internship project that was closely related to the degree I’m studying. I have gained a deeper understanding of some of the concepts learned in class after seeing their application in practice. My professional skills have improved greatly through experiencing a professional workplace environment for the first time.

Q. Can you share an experience from the internship that changed or challenged your idea of the workplace?

As an intern, I didn’t expect to have a high level of responsibility and involvement in the more important aspects of the project. However, during my internship, I was involved in determining the project’s methodology and my input was valued in all major decisions. It was very rewarding to provide input into the project, which significantly assisted the host organisation.

Q. How has the internship prepared you for the professional world?

The technical and professional skills I developed during my internship will help me in my future career. I also made several professional connections at my host organisation and at other companies. My internship made it clear to me what industry I want to pursue a career in after university.

Oscar Li – Postgraduate CBE Outstanding Intern of the Year
Master of Actuarial Studies

Q. What was the most surprising thing you learned during the internship and did it influence your studies?

From a student's mindset, communication is not always a crucial part of success in academia and studying. However, through this experience, I realised how important communication skills are when it comes to working as a team. For example, the team considered my opinions and ideas and then offered an alternative point of view or recommendations for a better approach. The communication skills that I obtained have contributed to greater success with group projects in my studies.

Q. How did your postgraduate study help prepare you for the internship?

My postgraduate study has provided an excellent opportunity to learn specialised knowledge in actuarial studies and advanced investment, and develop high-level research skills. This allowed me to feel much more confident in myself, and my ability to perform well during the internship. Postgraduate study also requires huge amounts of self-discipline and self-motivation, which is valuable in the workplace.

Q. Has the internship changed or confirmed your professional expectations or career plans?

The internship has equipped me with a series of technical and personal skills that I know will make me more successful in an analyst position and as a person. By having this opportunity to learn and practice professionalism, communication skills and workplace etiquette in traditional and remote work settings, I have become more confident in my professional progress and development.

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