ANU receives international recognition for career services


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In recognition of providing career opportunities for students during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Australian National University (ANU) was recently recognised among the Most Productive Career Service Teams and received a 2021 GUCDC China Career Development University Award.  

This is not the University’s first employability accolade, having won the Exclusive Global Employers' Choice Award last year.  

ANU offers students a range of avenues to build the skills expected by today’s employers, including the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) Virtual Internship Experience

Gaining industry insights and forming professional networks are among the many salient benefits university students gain through internships. This new employability initiative, commencing in late November 2021, will provide CBE students with the opportunity to undertake virtual projects with Australian organisations while being supervised by teams of professional mentors.

“Our industry partners increasingly indicate the need to prepare students for the virtual world of work in the future. The CBE Virtual Internship Experience will enable more than 100 of our students to develop important leadership, teamwork, problem solving, communication and organisational skills. It is also a terrific channel for students to meet and interact with their peers, many of whom are currently based overseas due to border restrictions,” shares Associate Professor Vinh Lu, CBE Associate Dean (Advancement and Engagement).

As a part of their three-week CBE Virtual Internship Experience, students will work in small groups to find business solutions for their respective organisations. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has normalised working and interning remotely, and students are learning a lot from it.

Recalling her virtual CBE internship with The Project Bureau, a management-consulting firm in Canberra, alumna Xiaoyun Li feels that she “not only gained valuable professional experiences, but also life-long lessons on self-improvement”.

“In addition to the various professional skills I gained, I feel the virtual experience also enhanced my ability to effectively communicate and maintain discipline when working remotely and independently,” she shares. 

The CBE Virtual Internship Experience is free and not for credit. Upon successful completion of the required 50 hours of work, participants will receive a digital certificate and a LinkedIn badge. 

Applications are now open for the Virtual Internship Experience and close Friday 15 October 2021, 11.59pm (AEDT). Click here for more details.

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