Dr. Stephanie Hurder public lecture

Smart Contracting in Practice

Dr. Stephanie Hurder presents a 2023 FH Gruen public lecture.

Hosted by The Australian National University Research School of Economics.

Smart contracts, when combined with distributed ledger technology, have been heralded as a means of reducing transaction costs and preventing fraud without the need for trusted intermediaries.  Using applications ranging from decentralized exchanges to insurance to employment contracts, we outline the proposed economic benefits and limitations of smart contracts, evaluate to what extent these benefits have been realized in practice, and discuss challenges to be addressed in future implementations.

Dr. Stephanie Hurder is an entrepreneur working at the intersection of emerging technologies, education, and economics. A Harvard-trained economist, Dr. Hurder co-founded Prysm Group, the leading provider of emerging technology advisory and education to the world’s top professional services, financial services, and technology firms. Prysm Group was featured on the 2022 Inc. 500 list of the most successful companies in America. As a Partner and Founding Economist, Dr. Hurder co-leads the advisory, research, and educational development divisions of the firm. Dr. Hurder is a frequent speaker and writer on economics and emerging technologies. She has been featured at SXSW, the Federal Reserve, Consensus, CESC, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and the Simons Institute at Berkeley. As a Visiting Scholar at the University of Southern California’s CCI, Dr. Hurder co-developed and taught the first course on economic design for distributed ledger technology in the nation. She is an advisor to the World Economic Forum and an Opinion Columnist for CoinDesk. Prior to co-founding Prysm Group, Dr. Hurder was a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and an academic researcher at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Dr. Hurder has an AB in Mathematics Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude, an AM in Economics, and a Ph.D. in Business Economics from Harvard University, where she received the Sandra Ohrn Family Fellowship.