Public Lecture recordings

Professor Dirk Krueger public lecture

Shaping Inequality and Intergenerational Persistence of Poverty

29 May 2024

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Professor Florian Scheuer public lecture

Putting the 'finance' into public finance: How should capital gains be taxed? - public lecture

28 May 2024

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International Women’s Day 2024 panel discussion: Inspire inclusion

Join us to celebrate the achievements of women and explore pathways to inclusion.

8 March 2024

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Matthew Shapiro public lecture

Cognitive decline, limited awareness, imperfect agency, and financial wellbeing

15 February 2024

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Emily Lancsar public lecture

Valuing health and human life: past, present and future

17 August 2023

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Eric Hanushek public lecture

Education in a changing world

17 October 2023

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Michele Bullock public lecture

Climate change and central banks

29 August 2023

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Dr. Stephanie Hurder public lecture

Smart Contracting in Practice

30 June 2023

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Sir Oliver Hart public lecture

Exit vs Voice: The economics of socially responsible investment

29 June 2023

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Frank Lichtenberg public lecture

The longevity and budgetary impact of the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

22 June 2023

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William Coleman public lecture

Adam Smith’s case against the British Empire

23 March 2023

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Thomas J. Sargent public lecture

Sources of artificial intelligence

28 February 2023

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Rob Hyndman public lecture

Forecasting the future and the future of forecasting

8 November 2022

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Steven Kennedy - Sir Leslie Melville Lecture 2022

A tale of two crises: reflections on macroeconomic policy responses to the GFC and the pandemic.

27 July 2022

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Ross Garnaut - Fred Gruen public lecture 2022

Economic ideas and competition between autocracy and democracy.

29 June 2022

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Bruce Grundy Public lecture

Can socially responsible firms survive competition?
An analysis of corporate employee-matching grant schemes.

9 June 2022

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Dr Isabella M. Weber

How China Escaped Shock Therapy
Tuesday 16 November 2021

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Kersti Eesmaa Public lecture

The Digital Republic – Why is Estonia one of the most advanced digital societies in the world?
Monday 26 July, 2021

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Adrian Orr - Sir Leslie Melville Lecture 2020

Adrian Orr discusses challenges and opportunities of the COVID pandemic.

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Assaf Razin - Fred Gruen public lecture 2020

De-globalisation and Social Safety Nets: Post-Pandemic World Economy
20 July 2020

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Karim Medrek public lecture

Morocco, pioneering economic growth in Africa
5 March 2020

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Thomas Choi public lecture

Supply networks: How does stuff get to you?
27 February 2020

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Philip Lowe public lecture

Some Echoes of Melville
29 October 2019

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Carol Kulik public lecture

Gender Diversity at the Top: Good Intentions and Unexpected Consequences
17 September 2019

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Alastair Walton public lecture

The US Economic and Fiscal Outlook: The Elephant in the Room
10 September 2019

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Rob Briner public lecture

Understanding and overcoming individual and organisational barriers to evidence-based management
15 July 2019

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Thomas Lembong public lecture

IA-CEPA: Towards a Stronger Business Partnership Between Australia and Indonesia. 
25 June 2019

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Heath Behncke public lecture

Global Digitalisation of Financial Services: The Challenges and Opportunities for Australia. 
16 October 2018

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Eric Barends public lecture

Evidence-based practice in business and organisations: How to use evidence to make better decisions 
11 October 2018

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George Mailath public lecture

Mechanism and Market Design
2 August 2018

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Israr Qureshi public lecture

$45 Trillion Investment: Social Intermediation at the Base of the Pyramid.
17 April 2018

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Antje Berndt public lecture

Risks and Rewards in Credit Markets
4 May 2017

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