Performance & development

The CBE professional staff development program has been set up to support staff with the cost of training programs they are participating in. For more information and applying for the program visit the CBE professional staff development program page.

LinkedIn Learning

ANU staff have access to free online learning through LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning offers staff the ability to watch video tutorials, complete full courses and undertake learning pathways. The platform allows staff to undertake micro-learning using their computer, phone or other mobile device to meet their professional and personal development needs.

Community of Practice 

The ANU Culture & Development Team convenes a LinkedIn Learning Community of Practice (CoP) once every six to eight weeks. The CoP provides a platform to share good practice, support professional learning and development, and build collegial networks.  Ideally, participants will use come from an area looking to use LinkedIn Learning to support a team culture of learning.

Community Resources

Competency Map – 27 Top Skills from LinkedIn Learning – Provides overview of content available on the platform – mapping learning paths and individual courses against top 27 competencies as identified from LinkedIn Learning customers.