Statement of Commitment to Health & Safety

The ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working and learning environment for workers, students and visitors to the College in accordance with Work Health and Safety legislation, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards. Our workers include anyone who carries out work for the ANU , including employees, volunteers, contractors, subcontractors, the employees of contractors and subcontractors, and visitors to the College.

CBE will consult with staff and their Health and Safety Representatives on health, safety and welfare matters to ensure that our Work Health and Safety risk management is a continuous process that is of the highest standard. We will take all reasonable actions to prevent injury and illness from occurring.

Representatives responsibilities

The CBE ExecutiveWHS Committee, WHS and Infrastructure Manager, WHS and Facilities Officer, WHS Consultant and Health and Safety Representatives team will take all reasonable steps to promote and maintain the workplace health, safety and welfare of staff, students and visitors. This includes reviewing work health and safety programs and strategies to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses and to continually improve the safety culture of the College.

Specific responsibilities

  1. Managers and Supervisors will:
    • Take actions necessary to maintain a safe workplace, which is fundamental to effective workplace management, and report to Work Health Safety Officers or Senior Managers any work health and safety issues that cannot be resolved within their level of delegation.
    • Act quickly on matters raised by Health and Safety Representatives, WorkCover or other entry permit holders.
    • Implement work health and safety policies, programs and procedures in their areas of control and reinforce safe workplace practices.
    • Ensure that staff receive on-going supervision and are trained in safe work practices and know how to use the work health and incident reporting/recording system (Figtree) e.g. to report incidents and near misses.
    • Ensure that staff are consulted on issues which affect their health and safety and that any concerns they may have are addressed promptly. Staff will be provided with an opportunity to express their views relating to a health and safety matter and have their views taken into account.
  2. Staff, students, visitors and Other Persons at the workplace have a duty to:
    • Take reasonable care for their own health and safety.
    • Take reasonable care that their actions do not harm the health and safety of others.
    • Follow any reasonable instruction that is given to ensure health and safety.
    • Staff must cooperate with any reasonable policy or procedure they have been made aware of.

Work Health and Safety Program

In order to implement the general provisions of this policy, a program of activities and procedures will be supported, continually updated and effectively carried out.

The program will relate to all aspects of work health and safety including:

  • Provision of work health and safety equipment;
  • safe work procedures;
  • workplace inspections and evaluations;
  • the reporting and recording of incidents;
  • current advice and warnings placed on WHS noticeboards and
  • provision of information/training to staff.