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Kobchart Jaraswimol

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Kobchart Jaraswimol, an international graduate of The Australian National University's College of Business and Economics (CBE), completed a Bachelor of Economics with majors in Economics and Accounting in 2016.

He is the Group CEO Assistant for Lotus' Thailand and Malaysia at Charoen Pokphand Group, the largest business conglomerate in Thailand. In this capacity, Kobchart operates as the chief of staff, responsible for overseeing strategic initiatives and their implementation.

Before being recruited by Charoen Pokphand Group, he was a consultant at Ernst & Young (EY).

Beyond his professional pursuits, Kobchart is passionate about reading, travelling and photography, which further enrich his life.

In this interview, Kobchart explains his decision to study in Australia, and why he believes doing so can equip students with sought after skills that make them more employable.

Q. Why did you choose to study in Australia, and what was your most memorable moment studying at ANU?

I chose to study at the ANU due to its reputation for academic excellence, and for the opportunity to gain a global perspective in my chosen field. CBE offered a comprehensive program that aligned with my interests in Economics and Accounting.

My most memorable moments at ANU were attending guest lectures delivered by renowned economists, which proved to be both enlightening and inspiring. These experiences showcased the calibre of faculty at ANU and fuelled my passion for economics, leaving a lasting impact on my education.

Q. What led you to your current role, and what future goals do you have for your career?

After graduating from ANU, I began my career as a consultant at EY, where I gained valuable experience and insights. This eventually led to an opportunity to join the Charoen Pokphand Group, the largest conglomerate in Thailand. As for future goals, I aspire to continue making a significant impact in the business world, contributing to the growth and success of the organisation. I aim to take on increasingly challenging roles, broaden my leadership skills, and actively contribute to the development of sustainable business strategies that benefit Thailand, Southeast Asia, and beyond.

Q. How did ANU studies prepare you for the role you’re currently in? How did they transform the way you saw your career?

ANU studies played a pivotal role in preparing me for my career. The rigorous academic program at CBE provided me with a solid foundation in economics, accounting, and strategic thinking. The analytical and problem-solving skills I honed during my studies are directly applicable to my current role. Moreover, the ANU emphasis on critical thinking and research methodology has enabled me to approach complex business challenges with a well-rounded perspective. My time at ANU transformed the way I saw my career by instilling professionalism in me, as well as intellectual curiosity, and the drive to make a tangible impact in my field and in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about your role as a Strategic Assistant to the CEO of Thailand’s largest privately owned company, and what are some of the challenges you have encountered and overcome?

I work closely with the Group CEO and senior executives to develop and implement strategic initiatives, drive organisational growth, and ensure efficient operations. This includes conducting research, analysing market trends, preparing reports, and providing valuable insights to support decision making.

Challenges that I have encountered have included navigating complex business landscapes, adapting to rapidly changing retail market conditions, and managing multiple stakeholders with diverse perspectives. However, these have been overcome through effective communication, proactive problem solving, and a strategic mindset. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, staying agile in decision making, and continuously seeking opportunities for innovation have been also been key to achieving success in my role and in the business.

Q. What skills do you believe international students can gain from studying in Australia?

Studying in Australia as an international student offers valuable opportunities to develop a range of skills.

These include:

  • cultural intelligence through interactions with a diverse student body
  • critical thinking and problem-solving abilities fostered by Australian universities
  • adaptability and resilience gained from navigating a new country
  • cross-cultural collaboration honed through diverse teamwork
  • a global perspective on international issues
  • expertise in networking through connections with students, faculty, and industry professionals.

These skills empower international students to excel in a globalised world and enhance their career prospects.


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