CBE Masters program receives industry endorsement

Ashkan Zarghami

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The Australian National University (ANU) College of Business and Economics’ (CBE) Master of Project Management recently received endorsement from the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM).

The endorsement means that students graduating from a Master of Project Management can obtain the Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP) certificate for a period of three years without additional assessment.

Dr Ashkan Zarghami from the ANU Research School of Management (RSM), and convener of the program, explains that this milestone provides CBE students with a significant advantage.

“The CPPP verifies students’ ability to plan, control, manage and lead projects – the key benefits, which include industry recognition, increased job prospects and professional credibility,” says Ashkan.

“Generally speaking, certified project managers may earn higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts. Furthermore, students with CPPP certification are presented with additional networking opportunities due to the access of other certified project managers.”

In this interview, Ashkan further explains how the AIPM endorsement is set to benefit Master of Project Management students.

Q. How will this new endorsement help Master of Project Management students stand out in the job market?

Some employers require project-management candidates to hold a certification from professional project-management bodies. CPPP is a nationally recognised certification that increases the employability of students. It helps students better demonstrate their project management skills in job applications and interviews, thereby enhancing their chances of success.

Q. What is the process for gaining endorsement from the AIPM?

To gain endorsement from the AIPM, the AIPM Endorsed Course Auditor (ECA) reviews all specialised project-management courses. At the program level, ECA reviews the marketing materials, the aims of the program, and its relationship to Project Management. At the course level, ECA evaluates the learning outcomes, content, assessments, and participant guide (from a student perspective) of specialised project-management courses. In addition, lecturers and course coordinators of an endorsed program are expected to have a high level of professional project-management experience and relevant qualifications.

Q. The AIPM is Australia’s leading body and membership association for project professionals. What does it mean for the RSM to have this program endorsed by the AIPM?

The AIPM endorses programs that show a consistent level of outcomes with respect to relevant project-management methodology, in line with industry standards and current best practice. As such, having the Master of Project Management program endorsed by the AIPM demonstrates that RSM is committed to professional development and elevation of industry practices.


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