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Luis Guerra is the Category Marketing Manager for Nurofen and Gaviscon at Reckitt, where he is responsible for leading the over-the-counter business for the analgesics and gastrointestinal categories across Central Europe. Before moving to Germany to take up his current role, Luis worked as Brand Manager and Senior Brand Manager for different Reckitt products in Sydney and Mexico City. He also previously worked for Pfizer in Mexico.

Luis completed a Master of Commerce at The Australian National University (ANU), where he also worked as a Marketing Insights and Intelligence Coordinator. Prior to that, he completed a Bachelor of Business Administration at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

In this interview, Luis discusses the world of marketing, how it can lead you to new experiences, and even countries.


Q. Can you tell us about your career path and what led you to the role you’re in today?

I started my professional career as a marketing intern at Pfizer while studying my bachelor’s degree in Mexico City. This is where I first discovered my passion for marketing in the health industry. 

Since then, I have been privileged to work in several roles, from Assistant Brand Manager to Marketing Manager, in multiple companies and countries. My latest role allowed me to move continents and take a people-leadership position in one of the largest consumer health companies in Europe. 

In each country where I’ve worked, I have had fulfilling and inspiring experiences that make me look for better ways to grow personally and professionally. I enjoy leading brands and have worked with very talented people and outstanding teams in each country. I’m proud of my career and thrilled to continue building my international work experience.

Q. What is a typical day in the life of a Category Marketing Manager?

I wake up every day at 6.30am and start my day with an energising workout. I usually go out for a run – a great way to explore a new city or get in contact with nature – or exercise in my apartment if the weather is not that good. Then, I cook some breakfast and prepare some coffee while I listen to the news. I start working around 8.30am by going through my emails from the night before – given that I work with multiple countries many emails are sent overnight. 

There is no same day at work. Given the fast pace of the company, every day is full of new learnings and exciting projects. I work closely with my team to steer the brand strategy and performance, while quickly adapting to market changes or new competitive entries.

Q. What skills and attributes are required to succeed in the fast-moving consumer goods industry?

Successful people in this industry come from a wide range of skills and competencies. What is consistent across all of them is their ability to adapt, learn and grow in a fast-paced environment.

Q. You’ve now worked and live in Mexico, Australia and Germany. How do you manage culture shock when you arrive somewhere new?

Moving and working in a different country is very exciting. Although it gets easier and more familiar with each new country that I travel to, the experience is always a roller coaster; some days are much easier than others are. I’ve learned not to assume that the same approach for work, relationships and hobbies will work the same way in each country I travel to. The more that I embrace change, the easier and more exciting it is to experience these cultural differences.

Q. How did your experience at ANU contribute to your career?

Studying and working at ANU gave me the necessary tools and mindset to build an exciting international career. Looking at business cases with an open mind and critical thinking are transferrable skills that I use every day at work. Studying with very talented students – many of them who are now good friends – also fuelled my passion to look at life and professional growth with fresh eyes and a positive mindset.

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