Research honours for CBE Academic

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Each year since 2018, The Australian newspaper publishes its Research magazine, identifying individuals and institutions that are leaders in 250 fields of academic research in Australia. 

This year, Pierre van der Eng, Associate Professor from the ANU Research School of Management (RSM) at the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE), was recognised with a spot on the list, in the Business, Economics and Management category.  

The magazine tabulates the results with the help of League of Scholars, an organisation that compiles data on researchers and helps to identify the best academic talent in a variety of fields.  

Pierre believes his recognition builds on CBE’s reputation: 

“ANU is the only university in Australia with a Centre for Economic History. I have been a participant at this Centre since its establishment in 2012. It was an initiative of its current Director, Professor Tim Hatton, and covers both economic and business history, and supporting research in both areas. It is located at the ANU Research School of Economics (RSE) at CBE but operates with participation from colleagues in different Schools at the College,” he shares.  

In the economic-history field, Pierre’s research focuses on the role of institutions in long-term economic growth. He aims to identify and analyse the institutions that have been relevant to supporting the development of product and factor markets, in order to explain economic growth over time. 

“Much of my research relates to Indonesia, but not exclusively. I published research in relation to Southeast Asia, including Japan and China, and Australia, collaborating with colleagues in Europe, Indonesia, Japan and China,” he adds.  

When it comes to business history, Pierre’s research zeros in on the international angle, particularly the interactions between subsidiary companies in host countries and their overseas parent companies.  

Reflecting on the award, Pierre credits the support from the College and the Centre for Economic History with enabling his success: 

“Support from the Centre allowed me to build a profile of research in economic and business history. This research interest is now part of a large Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Discovery project into long-term changes in the operations of multinational enterprises in Australia since 1901. I carry out this project together with colleagues at the Universities of Wollongong and Melbourne,” he says.  

“Pierre’s excellent interdisciplinary research is exemplary for collaborations between schools, colleges and institutions. The recognition of his research by the ARC is a testimony to its importance, impact and quality,” sums up Professor Ofer Zwikael, Director of RSM.