Modelling workplace success


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Mumbai, Dublin, and now Canberra – Shane Jose’s journey to study statistics-based solutions has been a globetrotting one. In 2019, it led him to the ANU College of Business and Economics’ (CBE) Master of Statistics program.  

He was attracted to the degree, as it not only enabled him to deep-dive into his field of interest, but also provided him with formative industry experience. 

“I always wanted to explore statistics, because it’s an industry-flexible specialisation that helps find a range of solutions. While the CBE courses I studied enhanced my understanding of statistical modelling, my industry experience through my CBE Internship contextualised that knowledge in a professional setting,” reflects Shane, who interned with F1 Solutions Australia, a Canberra-based IT-solutions firm. 

In light of his significant contributions to the workplace, Shane was recognised as the postgraduate recipient of the CBE Outstanding Intern of the Year award for Semester 1, 2021.

He believes his internship helped him in many ways, particularly in developing his professional confidence.

“I’ve interned with multiple organisations, including a sport-trading firm in Ireland. However, none of those placements were as challenging or rewarding as the experience I’ve had with F1 Solutions. On my first day, I was not very confident, but by the end of my internship, I was able to confidently and effectively leverage my statistical skills,” he reflects.

Congratulating him on his award, Shane’s academic supervisor, Associate Professor Dale Roberts says it is well deserved. 

“Shane was super energetic with lots of great ideas. It was always a pleasure to meet to talk about the project he was working on, as he was thinking about it from all angles and approaches,” shares Dale. 

Shane believes his internship and award will help him enter the job market after he graduates at the end of the year.

“Through my CBE Internship, I have drastically refined my soft skills related to teamwork, communication and professionalism in the workplace. Given the competitiveness of the job market, I feel the honour of being recognised as an Intern of the Year will prove advantageous in my hunt for a job of my choice,” Shane says.
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