ROI – Return on Internships

Fuzuki Nishimura

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The ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) Careers and Student Employability team offers a range of employability programs that enable students to build the professional skills that employers are looking for. 

The CBE Internship Program provides mutual benefits to both participating students and organisations. Last year, CBE student Raisa Siringo-Ringo interned with Tailored Accounts and was offered a graduate position at the organisation shortly after her internship. 

Addressing the value of this initiative, Fuzuki Nishimura, who is the Chief Technical Officer for Tailored Accounts, a leading accounting firm in Canberra, shares her insights as both an internship host over the past four years and as a former CBE student. Fuzuki graduated from the College in 2009 with a Master of Professional Accounting and a Master of Business.


Q. How did Tailored Accounts get involved in the CBE Internship Program?

After graduating from ANU, I faced some difficulties when trying to secure my first job because I did not have any work experience. So, in 2016, when Associate Professor Vinh Lu, CBE’s Associate Dean (Advancement and Engagement), contacted us about the College’s new internship program, we were sure that this initiative would help students like me get into the industry.

Q. Why are internships important in today’s professional landscape, especially for students aspiring to have a career in accounting?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have revolutionised industries, including the accounting industry. It is hard for a university graduate to enter our field because automations have replaced the introductory accounting positions. This means accountants are now required to have an advanced understanding of their subject. Internships provide students with real-world scenarios of our industry, and with opportunities to advance their professional skills and networks.

For these two reasons, I would strongly recommend students enrol in the CBE Internship Program. 

Q. Could you describe your experience with the recent interns? 

This initiative attracted many students with a lot of potential – they are young, extremely keen and very creative. Working with young interns with a lot of ideas and great attitudes brings lots of positivity to the workplace.

As an internship host, we have had to put in similar amounts of time and effort, and this has mutually benefitted us and the interns.

We believe that this internship program can provide hosts great outcomes, especially when some company changes or improvements are needed.

Internships provide students with real-world scenarios of our industry, and with opportunities to advance their professional skills and networks.

Q. Last year, CBE student Raisa Siringo-Ringo interned with you. What was her involvement with the company?

Tailored Accounts creates business-cashflow forecast models to suit various businesses and their needs. We wanted to make our expertise more personal and that’s where Raisa helped us – by creating personal cashflow models, which were very user-friendly.

Her work has benefited both our customers and us. The models have proven to be an important tool that can aid decision-making for our clients’ personal circumstances.

Q. Shortly after interning with you, Raisa was awarded the CBE Outstanding Intern of the Year prize. Can you name any attributes or skills that contributed to Raisa’s achievement? 

Raisa has a long list of attributes that helped her stand-out from the crowd. She was very keen, humble, and smart; always willing to learn, seek advice and make recommendations.

She communicated effectively with other colleagues and had a positive impact on Tailored Accounts.

We all enjoyed working with her as an intern and eventually offered her a job with us.

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Image: Pubudu Dissanayake