Learning by leaps and bounds


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It was at a university fair in Malaysia a few years ago, where Bernice Choi first discovered The Australian National University (ANU) and its academic reputation.

Keen to pursue her higher education overseas, she found herself drawn to the unique courses and opportunities at the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE).

“I chose CBE not only because of its specialised academic programs, but also the vast range of unique learning opportunities it offers, such as the FH Gruen Lectures Series, the various employer meet-ups, the ANU Student Managed Fund (SMF) and the CBE Internship Program. All of these experiences have enhanced my university education,” shares Bernice, who will graduate with a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Finance later this month.

Throughout her four years of study, she found her CBE courses engaging and activity-based, which helped her apply technical skills and gain practical knowledge.

“I experienced a steep but enjoyable learning curve. Engaging in topics outside of my subjects and interests helped me expand my perspectives,” she shares.

Throughout 2020 Bernice embraced remote-learning and regards it as a positive component of her academic journey.

I chose CBE not only because of its specialised academic programs, but the vast range of unique learning opportunities it offers.

“Even though I was studying remotely, my final year was the highlight of my time at CBE. It was a new learning experience to adapt to and work with the various COVID-19 developments. For instance, in the Financial Intermediation and Debt Markets course, we studied the banks’ responses to the pandemic and future implications on the economy and sector. In SMF, we monitored the financial market closely and responded promptly to any market fluctuations. It certainly affected how the team operated and required students to take a different approach when performing tasks. However, it consequently allowed us to be agile and creative,” says Bernice, who is the Chief Investment Officer of SMF, a student-run fund that is responsible for approximately A$0.6 million worth of investments.

Aside from her study commitments, Bernice has also been driven to purse her passion – improving animal welfare.

Earlier this year, along with her university friends, Prachi Arya and Michelle Lee, she launched ‘Pawfectly’, a venture that began through the InnovationACT competition, which aims to create affordable and flexible pet training and wellness solutions.

Now, having built a strong academic foundation and boosting her confidence at CBE, Bernice will be returning to Malaysia to work as a Project Management Office analyst at Maybank, one of the country’s leading banks, while continuing to run the operations for Pawfectly. 

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