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Tarida Angela

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Having interned at the Jakarta Governor’s Office and worked as the Relationship Manager at an Indonesian bank, Tarida Angela never imagined she would feel so nervous prior to interning again. 

“Even though I had worked before, I felt worried about under-performing. However, these feelings were fleeting, as the experience I had at F1 Solutions from day one made those early jitters seem like a distant memory,” shares Tarida, who is pursuing a Master of Business Information Systems at the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE).

As a part of the CBE Internship Program, Tarida interned with F1 Solutions Australia, a Canberra-based IT firm, and is now the postgraduate recipient of the CBE Outstanding Intern of the Year award for Semester 1, 2020.

She believes this internship has helped her in many ways, particularly by developing her corporate network and self-resilience.

[Through my CBE internship] I learned how essential networking is for my career aspirations.

“I learned how essential networking is for my career aspirations. I had the opportunity to connect with professionals who have strengthened my desire to explore the intersections of business and technology. Now I have mentors to turn to when I have questions. Undertaking an internship during COVID-19 has also helped me become more resilient – to adapt to adversity and develop coping strategies,” Tarida shares.

During her internship, she was responsible for the communications around the firm’s flagship product OmniStar, which focuses on end-to-end management solutions.

“I was assigned to the website revamp project. I designed and refined several user-experience elements, which included the sitemap, content and user persona of three critical clients – medical research institutions, government bodies and universities. I also developed quantitative and qualitative success metrics to measure website usability,” she explains.

Congratulating Tarida on her award, Dr Bronwen Whiting, CBE’s Associate Dean (Education), says this recognition is well deserved.

“As the host organisation, F1 Solutions were impressed by her dedication and diligence. When reviewing the applications for Intern of the Year, her excitement and hard work were obvious to the panel, and we are excited to see all her achievements in the future, both at CBE and in her career,” says Bronwen.

Tarida feels that her CBE internship has made a lasting professional impact.

“I’ve had a glimpse of working in a tech company. Collaborating in an international workplace amongst people with multidiscipline backgrounds has significantly encouraged me to communicate more efficiently and confidently in professional scenarios. I endeavour to understand how to best incorporate knowledge and skills from school into my daily work situations,” she adds.


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