Gaining more than the syllabus

Faez Faris

4 minute read

Class, sports, music, repeat. These were the predominant student-life themes of Faez Faris during his four years at The Australian National University (ANU).

“Having such a balanced routine between these activities really proved to be an academic motivator for me,” shares Faez, an ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) graduand, who admits he is going to miss his university lifestyle.

Originally from Labu, a town in eastern Malaysia, Faez wanted to pursue his higher education overseas with a prestigious institution.

“The ranking of the economics program at ANU was higher than those of other universities I received offers from. At the time, the Malaysian Government was offering scholarships to those who wanted to pursue an economics degree and, luckily, I secured the scholarship,” shares Faez, a recipient of the prestigious Malaysian scholarship Majlis Amanah Rakyat.

Recalling his transition to Canberra to study a Bachelor of Economics, Faez distinctly remembers the change being “easy”.

[at CBE] I’ve developed the need to understand how a certain thing has happened rather than just simply accepting what’s being taught.

“I had seniors from Malaysia help me with the basics like getting a bank account, registering for subjects, but most importantly, finding accommodation. I went to the University’s Orientation Week and Market Day events and gained great insight into what to expect studying at ANU,” he recounts, adding that soon after he joined the ANU futsal club, as well as the University’s orchestra.

Extracurricular activities aside, Faez was always impressed by the academic environment at CBE.

“I believe that I’m now more critical in accepting new knowledge, as I’ve developed the need to understand how a certain thing has happened rather than just simply accepting what’s being taught. I’ve also become more open to others’ criticisms or suggestions when it comes to group work,” he says.

Faez feels that group-based assignments and study groups helped him gain more than just his syllabus.

“I learned how to communicate better and be more thoughtful of others’ inputs. I now have an increased understanding of how to handle responsibilities and perform certain tasks, which will surely be beneficial in my career life soon,” Faez reflects.

Passionate about working in the economic-policy space of his home country, Faez wants to leverage his degree to assess and create regulations that will help boost Malaysia’s economy.

“After graduating, I’ve decided to head back to Malaysia. I guess the least that I can do is to serve the country that helped finance my degree in one of the top Universities in the world,” he shares candidly.  

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