Becoming a problem-solver


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As a former Asset Optimisation Head for Vedanta Resources Limited in India, Manvendra Singh executed several large-scale projects with expat colleagues, including some from Australia. He gained insight into the country’s work-culture and decided to set his sights on Australia’s mining industry.

“Being in this sector for a considerable amount of time, I knew how reputed the Australian mining sector and the work-life balance it provides its workers was. This was definitely something that first drew me to the country. After working for more than 11 years, one day I decided to fulfil my long-cherished dream – to pursue higher education and gain global exposure from a leading university, and that’s what led me to The Australian National University (ANU),” shares Manvendra, who will be graduating later this month with a Master of Business of Administration (Advanced).

Determined to enrol at ANU for its high global rankings and reputation for having a strong community spirit, Manvendra recalls driving three hours from his hometown Aligarh to attend a university fair in New Delhi back in 2018.

“I remember there were a lot of representatives from various Australian universities at the fair, but the ANU staff I met had a lasting and reassuring impact on me and confirmed my decision to move to Canberra to study. Soon after, I corresponded with the University staff in Australia, who also patiently helped me with my queries and made me feel all the more certain that I was taking the right step towards my continuous learning journey,” reflects Manvendra, who was the recipient of the ANU College of Business and Economics’ (CBE’s) India Excellence Scholarship.  

During his degree, he believes he has interacted with some of the best academic minds and cross-sectoral experts, which helped him gain valuable management insights.

“Among the many things I’ve learnt, I believe the lessons on business values and interests, particularly revolving around safety and sustainability, will stay with me forever, as I now better understand why they are treated as the core assets to any company’s success” he shares.

Although his final classes were taught remotely, Manvendra continued to feel encouraged and supported by his lecturers.

“Our professors came up with the idea of using breakout rooms during our Zoom classes, which was similar to having in-person group discussions or a one-on-one conversation, and enabled me get through my academic hiccups without diluting my learning experience. The unwavering assistance provided by CBE and ANU, both mentally and financially, really helped me stay focused on my studies, while going through such tough times,” he adds.

Now, having amassed management skills and knowledge, Manvendra has joined HENSOLDT Australia, a global pioneer of technology and innovation in the area of defence and security electronics, which offers various services to the Australian Defence Force. He feels his CBE experience has greatly influenced his recent success and confidence at work.

“After my Masters at CBE, I feel like I’ve become more agile in dealing with existing and new problems, and believe that effective communication and collaboration can resolve all kinds of world issues,” he concludes.

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