Across spheres

Across spheres

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The Global Business Immersion (GBI) course is an enriching in-country program offered by the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE). It allows students to fully “immerse” themselves in the culture of a specific country and gain further understanding of how the country's environment influences the way that business is conducted.

In 2019, several CBE students including Isabella, Olivia, Aaron and Lachlan visited major corporations, embassies, industry associations, and foreign universities in Dubai, Vietnam, Russia and the US as part of the program. Sharing notes from their travel diaries, they discuss how these visits have prepared them for the professional world, the skills they acquired, and how their respective study tours have shaped their career choices.


Isabella Flanery, GBI Dubai – January 2019

The most valuable thing I learnt on the tour is to approach any situation openly. The GBI Dubai trip taught me that what I have learnt in my own environment, country or society is not necessarily the only way of dealing with a situation, let alone it being the right way. You need flexibility. Different societies operate differently, and whilst it is instinctive for humans to try to reconcile their own cultural experiences with a new place, harmony and cooperation only occur through a mutual respect of each other’s different beliefs and ideals.


Olivia Argy, GBI Vietnam – April 2019

Speaking to a variety of successful business people in Vietnam from diverse and varied paths helped shape my mindset moving forward. It reinforced that exploring different industries can be of great value and that sticking to one career is not necessarily the best option. These industry connections also exposed me to ethical and authentic business leaders with qualities I wish to emulate in the future.


Aaron Z., GBI Russia – July 2019

The GBI course in Russia taught me to analyse business opportunities and challenges with an international perspective. Exposure to a vastly different business culture highlighted the necessity of becoming acquainted with local customs and history before attempting to break into the market.


Lachlan Macdonald, GBI US – September 2019

The GBI study tour to New York and Washington D.C. was a great chance to consider my future. Prior to the trip, I primarily wanted to remain in Australia and pursue a career in commercial law. However, the chance to meet so many Australians working overseas in vastly different industries really opened my eyes to the endless global opportunities available post-graduation. Following the tour, I am much more open to the idea of either studying or working overseas.

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