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CBE alumna Yun Liu, who completed a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies/Bachelor of Science in 2018, reflects on her transition from Taiwan to Australia to study and then from Australia back to Taiwan to work.

Why did you choose to study at ANU?

I wanted to study a mathematics related degree such as actuarial science when I was at high school. After some research, I found out that ANU is one of the few universities offering an actuarial science degree. It offers flexible double degree options and is highly ranked in Australia. So, there was no doubt for me to choose to study at ANU.

Can you share your insights about your transition from Taiwan to Australia to study? Then from Australia back to Taiwan to work?

I went to Australia when I was 15 years old and was naturally curious about everything. I lived in Brisbane before moving to Canberra and found people here so warm and friendly. Even when I studied alone at ANU, it was not hard for me to find a sense of belonging within the community.

The University provides not only good recommendations for accommodation but complete student support systems. I had a positive experience regarding its facilities, services and environment. So, my transition from Taiwan to Australia was pretty smooth and I am thankful for all the support.

However, my transition from Australia back to Taiwan to work was a bit hard even though I was born and raised in Taiwan. The first thing I noticed is that people in Taiwan live a relatively fast-paced lifestyle in comparison to those in Australia. Initially, it was a little challenging for me to adjust my lifestyle due to the cultural differences, but now I enjoy my life back in Taiwan.

It was not hard for me to find a sense of belonging within the community.

You are currently working as an Actuarial Specialist at Prudential Financial. How did your degree in Actuarial Studies at ANU prepare you for your career?

As some of the actuarial studies programs are accredited by the Actuaries Institute in Sydney, ANU has prepared me to be an Actuary. One of the courses that I remember the most is Actuarial Techniques, taught by Associate Professor Adam Butt. I have learnt how to demonstrate actuarial modelling skills and have built up the ability to collect and analyse information. Furthermore, this course has developed my technical skills in programs such as Excel and Visual Basic for Applications. These are important skills that I need to have for my current job.

Could you share some of the pivotal experiences you had at ANU that shaped you personally?

Being able to work independently and under pressure is one of the pivotal experiences I had at ANU. My study life at ANU has trained me to deal with problems from different perspectives and think outside the box.

When I am in a difficult situation, I stay positive and try my best to find a way out. This not only applied to my working life but also to my daily life.

What would be your advice to those who are about to start their ANU journey?

For those who are thinking about studying at ANU, just go and enjoy your life in Canberra! You will get to meet friendly and awesome people from diverse backgrounds. Don’t forget to get involved in clubs and societies to fill your life with more adventures, and seek help if you have any questions to get the most out of your university experience at ANU.

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