The power of a community


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In addition to the professional skills she gained and the academic excellence she secured, Levinia believes she learnt another dominant lesson during her time at The Australian National University (ANU) – the power of a community.

“My two years at ANU felt seamless as I was effortlessly taken care of by the Canberra community. It played an influential role in how I see myself today,” shared Levinia, who is graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE).

Having lived away from home since she was 14, Levinia believes that the energy and support she got from her networks at ANU was unparalleled.

“There’s a community everywhere in Canberra that has looked out for me. At uni, at my accommodation, and even at my part-time job. People regularly followed up with me on how I was tracking – constant meaningful conversations that assisted my uni journey. This is a critical experience, especially when you’re away from your family as an international student,” she shared.

I chose to study at CBE as I was impressed by its prestige and ranking, and my academic experience here has been amazing.

Put up at the University’s Lena Karmel Lodge, all of Levinia’s lectures were three minutes west of her studio apartment and her part-time job just across the road.

“The furthest I’ve had to walk is five minutes to go the city’s main shopping centre,” Levinia pointed out.

At some point, during her 650-metre long walks to get her groceries, it dawned on her how efficient she felt while living in Canberra.   

“During my uni-life here, I realised the pivotal role the environment plays in shaping your priorities. Although the nation's capital, Canberra is like a student city, which helps you take small steps until you find your rhythm with study and work. The city is a long list of conveniences that positively impacted my study-work load and personal development,” she shared.

Originally, from the Sumatra Island in Indonesia, Levinia moved to Singapore to complete her schooling. After graduating, she looked for a reputable institution in the region for a better understanding of business and management.

“I chose to study at CBE as I was impressed by its prestige and ranking, and my academic experience here has been amazing. The lecturers and tutors are all very helpful and I love the consultation systems they have here,” she said.

She also obtained an internship at Revolution IT through the CBE Internship Program that has shaped her professional outlook.

“At my internship I was not only able to apply what I learnt in my classes but also gained invaluable access to a professional workplace,” she shared.

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