The higher value of Higher Education


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Having worked across several industries in the Asia-Pacific region, either as a project manager or as a business developer, Amitesh Kumar regards his stint in Solomon Islands as pivotal to his career for two prime reasons.

One, he was managing a $4 million solar project that he had conceptualised to bring electricity to over 10,000 people. And two, it was a juncture in his career where he understood the value of Higher Education.

“It was an extraordinary project and it felt like a critical contribution that I was making. As the project proceeded, however, it became more distinctly clear to me that if I were armed with a Masters degree I could be making even a bigger difference in my field. It was at this point where I decided to pursue Higher Education,” Amitesh said.

 Although Amitesh had found his desire to study again, he confesses feeling nervous about returning to University.


Amitesh with his wife, Devi Afifa .
Photo: Amitesh Kumar.


“I was 32 and had gained significant international experience in the region. Naturally, I was afraid to take the leap to study after a nine-year gap but my wife was not. She constantly reassured me and had even connected me to one of her friends who had only just graduated from ANU,” Amitesh recalled. Distinctly remembering the “extremely positive feedback” about the University’s high standards and study environment.

It was in February 2015 when Amitesh finally commenced his academic journey at the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE). He was the recipient of the esteemed Endeavour Scholarship, an Australian Government's competitive, merit-based scholarship that is awarded to high achieving students. Amitesh had received a full scholarship to pursue a Master of Project Management from CBE.




Recapping his academic journey, Amitesh found his CBE experience to be highly motivating that had sharpened his professional skills. Besides being awarded four prizes, Amitesh had also secured a competitive internship while studying at CBE.

“Once I had graduated, I understood the value of my Masters degree. It was an enriching experience on many levels. Where I was given clarity to the relevance and practicality of theories in my field,” Amitesh shared.

Amitesh also believes that employers, too, recognise the value of Higher Education here at ANU.

 “I still remember that conversation with my current employer, where we mainly discussed my projects at ANU. He recognised my academic rigour and professional experience and offered me a gig,” Amitesh added.


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