Debunking the myth that accounting is boring

Debunking the myth that accounting is boring

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Having previously studied in Singapore and Melbourne, Shannin Naidu regards her educational experience at Canberra as unparralled.

“Not only in the academic sense but also personally and socially,” she asserts.

Shannin, who identifies herself as "a true blue Singaporean”, moved to Melbourne after high school to pursue her undergraduate degree.

Subsequently, she wanted to specialise in academia and decided to pursue a Masters at the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE).

“I chose to study at The Australian National University (ANU) for numerous reasons. Firstly, it will provide me a well-rounded education that will widen my social circle, transform my academic outlook, and enhance my confidence,” she shared, further adding, the reputation of the teaching staff and the University’s ranking persuaded her to move to Canberra.

I chose ANU as it will widen my social circle, transform my academic outlook, and enhance my confidence.

“I want to be an academic and the College has a highly esteemed reputation. A postgraduate degree from ANU is undeniably prestigious and immensely valuable to my aspirations,” Shannin added. She is currently pursuing a Master of Commerce and is the recipient of the ANU Excellence Scholarship.

From her experience at CBE so far, Shannin has found the high calibre of academics very stimulating, particularly in enhancing her critical thinking abilities.

Ever since she started to receive an allowance from her family at a young age, Shannin began to track her money in a small notebook. This routine, she believes, was her humble introduction to the world of accounting.

“From a young age I have always had an interest in maths and by extension finance. There was even a period when calculating how much money I had was a daily ritual and I would passionately exhaust the pages of my notebook,” she recalls.

Shannin believes that her exposure to academia at CBE has significantly shaped her drive and aspirations.

“My greatest wish is to impart my love and knowledge of accounting to younger generations and to debunk the myth that accounting is boring. I want to highlight how interesting it is and aspire to teach accounting at a university. My scholarship will invariably provide me with increased opportunities to move closer towards that goal,” she shared.

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