Broadening professional horizons

Karen Cheung

4 minute read

University events, classroom discussions, and the campus community have significantly influenced Karen Cheung’s personal outlook over the past four years at The Australian National University (ANU).

From a career standpoint, she feels she has gained critical professional skills through the student employability programs at the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE).

“My professional horizon has exponentially changed since I undertook my first employability program at CBE. The opportunities taught me how to maximise my efforts and value within a workplace,” said Karen, who was a part of the College’s MomentuM and Internship Programs.

I originally came to ANU because of its prestige but I chose to stay for the community.

The CBE Careers and Student Employability team organises programs that enable students to build the professional skills that employers are seeking. These opportunities include the CBE Internship Program, Special Industry Project, Global Learners of Business and Economics (GLOBE) International Internship Program, and the MomentuM professional development and mentoring program.

Having never been exposed to conventional professional skills such as networking or elevator pitches, Karen gained immense insight with CBE’s Employability Programs.

“MomentuM significantly enhanced my skills and it put me a step ahead of my peers with my networking skills. I was able to connect with multiple people, who would assist me with work related dilemmas and add value to my professional outlook,” Karen asserted.

She also obtained an internship through the CBE Internship Program and had a “dynamic experience” at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI).

“As an intern at ACCI, I was involved in various external events for the agency, as well research in some of their internal reports. I gained a great deal of organisational experience and valuable soft skills,” she added.

Born and raised in the western suburbs of Sydney, Karen moved to Canberra to study a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Commerce at ANU.

“I originally came to ANU because of its prestige but I chose to stay for the community,” she asserted. “ANU has been a choice that I have not looked back on. Without the university and the community that I have come to love, I would be very far away from my aspirations and ambitions.”

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