ARC funds statistics project with impact

ARC funds statistics project with impact

Dr Francis Hui has received an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award 2020 (DECRA 2020) for his project “Modern statistical methods for complex multivariate longitudinal data.”  

“The award will allow me to develop cutting-edge statistical theory and methodology for model building, inference, and prediction for multivariate longitudinal data that account for the complex observation and correlation structures of the data,” says Francis.

“These methods will be computationally efficient and statistically rigorous, with the associated software to be adopted by end-users across multiple disciplines and organisations. For example, they will help increase our understanding of how social and environmental factors influence an individual's well-being over time, informing the design of national strategies and intervention programs to manage drivers of poor physical, cognitive and mental wellbeing,” he noted.  

“They will also be used to understand the relative influence of a changing climate on spatio-temporal changes in zooplankton assemblages, bolstering biodiversity and fisheries management efforts in the Southern Ocean.”

The project will see Francis collaborate with internationally renowned statisticians including Professors Alan Welsh (ANU), Howard Bondell (University of Melbourne), Peter Song (University of Michigan) and Geet Molenberghs (KU Leuven).

Francis’ DECRA 2020 success takes the total number of ARC-funded projects underway in the College to 19.  You can read more about other works in progress here.

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