What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur?

The world of work is constantly changing and future graduates need to be flexible and adaptable as the jobs of today are not always the jobs of the future. In some cases, what might be an obvious career pathway for one person is not the same for another, hence the need for the entrepreneurial career space.

At this panel event, you will hear three CBE Alumni speak about their professional journeys, and what led them to pursue a career in the entrepreneurial space.


Panel members:

Raffay Mirza

Raffay Mirza – Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics (2016)

Raffay is an entrepreneur and currently in the early stages of launching a health tech start-up to reinvent the way disability care is sought and delivered, through deep personalisation. Growing up in six countries alongside his disabled sibling, he has a unique insight into the common challenges both disabled people and their families face in navigating the complex world of disability care. The start-up is currently in early beta with families from the US and Australia, with a public launch scheduled for later during the year. 


Shenal Harakh

Shenal Harakh – Bachelor Commerce and Bachelor of Economics (2016)

Shenal is passionate about exploring and showcasing the diversity and complexity of human personalities and interactions. Having never been certain on a chosen degree or career path, Shenal has grown comfortable with the uncertain and unexplored and through her start-up Knomad.ai she is looking to help individuals and organisations embrace various perspectives and continue expanding their universe of knowledge.

Shenal previously spent four years in the Risk Assurance and Advisory practices of PwC Australia and EY Bermuda, where she delivered IT and business process controls audit and assurance reviews for private and public sector clients based in Australia, South East Asia, and North America. She also enjoys tennis, equities investing, and bird-watching. 


Ashleigh Janssen

Ashleigh Janssen – Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts (2017)

Ashleigh is a Commercial Analyst at Forage, a platform aimed at creating equal access to opportunity through accessible work experience for everyone. Ashleigh is passionate about the role technology can play in building a more inclusive society by democratising a service, product or experience and removing the systemic issues that limit opportunities for participation in the workforce.

Ashleigh has previously worked in Transaction Diligence and Audit at EY. She received her Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts from ANU in 2017, and has since qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

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