RSFAS Statistics Seminar – Charlotte Jones-Todd

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Speaker: Charlotte Jones-Todd

Institution: University of Auckland

Title: Modelling systematic effects and latent phenomena in point referenced data

Abstract: The spatial location and time of events (or objects) is the currency that point process statistics invests to estimate the drivers of the intensity, or rate of occurrence, of those events. Yet, the assumed processes giving rise to the observed data typically fail to represent the full complexity of the driving mechanisms. Ignoring spatial or temporal dependence between events leads to incorrect inference, as does assuming the wrong dependency structure. Latent Gaussian models are a flexible class of model that accounts for dependency structures in a hide all ills fashion; the stochastic structures in these models absorb and amalgamate the underlying, unaccounted for, mechanisms leading to the observed data. In this talk I will introduce this class of model and discuss recent work using latent Gaussian fields to model the fluctuations in the data that cannot otherwise be accounted for.

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