Professor Vinh Lu

Vinh Lu


Research School of Management

Director - Research School of Management
Phone number
+61 2 612 54905
Room 1087, Level 1, LF Crisp Building 26
Research areas

Relationship management; Service delivery; Career development 


Professor Vinh Lu (Lữ Nhật Vinh) is Director of the Research School of Management. As Director, Vinh leads the capacity building for research, education, and external engagement activities with a team of approximately 60 academic and professional staff across five academic disciplines including Business Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Project Management. 

Professor Vinh Lu previously served as the Associate Dean (Advancement & Engagement), Director of Employability and Director of Engaged Learning in the College of Business and Economics. In these leadership roles, he established strategic initiatives related to alumni engagement, student experience, and externally-engaged student learning. He is a champion of work integrated learning, student employability, and student global mobility. His educational and leadership endeavours have received significant funding and recognitions at the university, national and international levels.

A previous member of the ANU Academic Board (2015-2020), Vinh is undertaking several leadership positions at the university such as the ANU University Leadership Group (2022 to date), the University Promotion Commitee (2023-2025), and the College of Business and Economics Executive Committee (2019 to date), among others. He is currently holding the following advisor roles:

  • Advisory Board Member, ANU Centre for Asian Australian Leadership
  • Expert Advisory Panel Member, the Multicultural Organisation: Staff Awareness, Innovation and Capability (MOSAIC) Digital Learning Package, Australian Public Service Commission (Australian Government)
  • Ad-hoc Expert Member, Transnational Education Stakeholder Reference Group, Department of Education (Australian Government)

As an award-winning researcher and Professor of Marketing, Vinh studies the areas of service delivery, relationship management and career development. His research has been funded by organisations including The Australian Grape and Wine Authority, Wine Australia, Contentgroup and SEARMS Community Housing Aboriginal Corporation. Vinh’s work has been published in internationally renowned journals including Academy of Management JournalTourism ManagementJournal of Vocational BehaviorJournal of Business EthicsEuropean Journal of MarketingJournal of Business ResearchJournal of Service Management, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Service Theory and Practice, Health Psychology, Health Promotion International, Studies in Higher Education, and Australasian Marketing Journal. He serves on the Editorial Boards of the Australasian Marketing Journal and Journal of Service Theory and Practice.

Vinh is a recipient of the ANU Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Education, the Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Students and Learning from the national Office for Learning and Teaching, Distinguished Marketing Educator Award from the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy, among several others.

Born and raised in Bến Tre (Mekong Delta, Vietnam), Vinh resides in Canberra with his partner. Vinh is also a volunteer for Palliative Care ACT at Clare Holland House. His current self-care goal is to walk on average 20,000 steps a day.

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Research publications


Tran Le Huu Nghia, Binh Chi Bui, Jasvir Kaur Nachatar Singh and Vinh N. Lu (2022). Graduate Employability across Contexts: Perspectives, Initiatives and Outcomes. Springer Nature Singapore.

Refereed Journal Articles

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Research grants and awards


SEARMS Community Housing Aboriginal Corporation (Catergory 3). Developing a community engagement model for SEARMS. (Joint with Associate Professor Ying-Yi Chih and Dr Brett Scholz).

Contentgroup (Category 3).  An evaluation of the Contentgroup’s Communication Strategy for the Department of Defence, 2017.  (Joint with Professor Simon Restubog, Associate Professor Nick Wang, and Dr Ying-Yi Chih).

Wine Australia Grant (Category 1) Ties that bind: Building strong importer and retailer relationships to drive premium wine export sales, 2017-2018. (Joint with Professor Roberta Crouch of Flinders University, and Dr Armando Maria Corsi of University of South Australia.

AGWA Research Grant (Category 1), Advance Australia Fair? Determining the country of origin associations for Australian wine in emerging and established markets, 2013-2015. (Joint with Dr Roberta Veale and Associate Professor Barry Burgan, University of Adelaide).

Research Awards

2021 Best Paper Journal of Service Theory and Practice Award

2019 Robert Johnston Award for Highly Commended Paper in Journal of Service Management  

2018 Finalist, Best SERVSIG Conference Paper Award, American Marketing Association

2018 Finalist, Alan M. Rugman Most Promising Scholar(s) Award, Academy of International Business

2018 Finalist, Best Paper Award on Emerging Economies Research

2017 Winner, Best Paper Award in Foreign Direct Investment and International Business, Academy of International Business – Southeast Asia Chapter

2015 Winner, Best Paper Award in Marketing Education, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy

2013 Finalist, AIB/Temple Best Paper Award, Academy of International Business

Education Awards

2023 ANU College of Business and Economics Award for Excellence in Indigenous Education (team award)

2023 ANU College of Business and Economics Award for Programs that Enhance Learning (team award)

2017 Distinguished Marketing Educator of the Year Award, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy

2017 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Innovation and Excellence in Service (Lead, Team Award)

2017 Finalist, AFR Higher Education Award (Employability Category) (Program award lead)

2016 Reimagine Education Silver Award (Oceania Region) (Program award lead)

2016 CBE Award for Excellence in Educational Innovation (Lead, Team award)

2015 ANU Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence

2014 OLT Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

2013 ANZMAC-Pearson Emerging Marketing Educator of the Year Award

2013 ANU Vice-Chancellor's Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

2012 ANU Commendation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

2012 CBE Award for Teaching Excellence

2011, 2014, 2015 ANU Last Lecture nominations

Research engagement and outreach

  • Ad-Hoc Expert Member, Transnational Education Stakeholder Reference Group, Department of Education (Australian Government), 2024 to date
  • Facilitator, Vietnam Australia Higher Education Cooperation Forum (part of the 2024 official visit to Australia of His Excellency Mr Pham Minh Chinh, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam), 2024
  • Advisory Board Member, ANU Centre for Asian Australian Leadership, 2023 to date
  • Expert Advisory Panel Member, Multicultural Organisation: Staff Awareness, Innovation and Capability (MOSAIC) Digital Learning Package, Australian Public Service commission, 2023 to date
  • Academic Promotion Referee (Curtin University, University of Wollongong, The University of Adelaide, The University of New South Wales, The University of Western Australia), 2022 to date
  • Editorial Review Board Member (Australasian Marketing Journal, Journal of Service Theory and Practice), 2021/2022 to date 
  • Advisor, ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies, 2021-2022
  • Reimagine Education Awards Judge, QS/University of Pennsylvania, 2017-2021
  • PhD Thesis Examiner (Curtin University, Flinders University, Deakin University, The University of Adelaide, RMIT University, Monash University, University of Technology Sydney, University of Tasmania), 2014 to date


Teaching Responsibilities in 2024 (Semester 2):

BUSI3024 Export Business Planning

MKTG8035 Global Business Project

Previous Teaching:

BUSI2025 International Business

CBEA3001 Special Industry Projects

CBEA3002 Social Enterprise Experience

CBEA3066 Global Business Immersion

CBEA3070 ANU College of Business and Economics Internship Project (UG)

CBEA6070 ANU College of Business and Economics Internship Project (PG)

MMIB8004 Special Research Topics

MKTG2004 Marketing

MKTG2023 Services Marketing


In his leadership roles, Vinh has successfully led and developed various College-wide initiatives that contribute to enriching student experience and engagement as well as fostering the growth in students' professional identity such as:

  • The multi-award winning CBE Internship Program;
  • The ANU GLOBE (Global Learners of Business and Economics) Program;
  • The MomentuM Program for Professional Development;
  • The CBE Summer Research Scholarships Program;
  • The Special Industry Project program;
  • The SEE (Social Enterprise Experience) the World program; and
  • Various student mobility initiatives including New Colombo Plan mobility projects, Endeavour mobility projects, Global Business Immersion program, and opportunities for overseas short courses.