Professor Sabine Benoit

Sabine Benoit


Research School of Management

Research areas

Marketing; Service and retail management.


Sabine Benoit is a Professor of Marketing at ANU, but is primarily based in the Department of Marketing and Retail Management at Surrey Business School. Sabine’s main research fields are service and retail marketing, with a particular focus on consumer behavior, the sharing economy, convenience retailing and on-the-go consumption. Sabine has written widely on these topics and her work has appeared in prominent journals including Journal of Business ResearchPsychology and MarketingJournal of Service ManagementJournal of Services Marketing, and Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. Sabine is very passionate about making her research accessible to a wider audience including industry and practitioners, therefore, she actively develops a portfolio of accompanying material for most of her publications such as videos, infographics and educator slides on her website.

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Research publications

Aksoy, L., Benoit, S., Joag, S., Kandampully, J., Keiningham, T., Yan, A., Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM): What Lies Beyond the Hype? forthcoming, Journal of Service Management.

Bove, L., and Benoit, S., “Restrict, clean and protect: Signalling consumer safety during the pandemic and beyond”, forthcoming, Journal of Service Management.

Fombelle, P. W., Voorhees, C. M., Jenkins, M. R., Sidaoui, K., Benoit S., Gruber, T., Gustaffson, A., Abosag, I. (2020), “Customer Deviance: A Framework, Prevention Strategies, and Opportunities for Future Research”, Journal of Business Research, 116, 387-400.

Benoit, S., Kienzler, M., Kowalkowski, C., Intuitive pricing by independent store managers: Challenging beliefs and practices, forthcoming, Journal of Business Research, 115, 70-84.

Lehr, A., Buettgen, M., Benoit, S., Positive Spillover Effects (2020): The Potential of Access-Based Services to Promote Innovative Products, Psychology and Marketing, 37 (5), 705-723.

Hahn, R., Ostertag, F., Lehr, A., Buettgen, M., Benoit, S. (2020), “I like it, but I don’t use it”: Adoption of different carsharing business models, Business Strategy and the Environment, 29 (3) 1404-1418.

Benoit, S., Klose, S., Wirtz, J., Andreassen, T. W., Keiningham, T. L. (2019), Bridging the Data Divide Between Practitioners and Academics: Approaches to Collaborating Better to Leverage Each Other's Resources, Journal of Service Management, 30 (5), 524-548. (Best paper award, 2nd place)

Benoit, S., Evanschitzky, H., Teller, C. (2019), Retail Format Selection in on-the-go shopping situations, Journal of Business Research, 100, 268-278.

Fehrer, J. A., Benoit, S., Aksoy, L., Baker, T., Bell, S.J., Brodie, R.J, Marimuthu, M., (2018), Future Scenarios of the Collaborative Economy: Centrally Orchestrated, Social Bubbles or Decentralized Autonomous?, Journal of Service Management, 29 (4), 859 – 882.

Benoit, S., Scherschel, K., Ates, Z./Nasr, L., Kandampully, J. (2017), Showcasing the Diversity of Service Research. Theories, Methods and Success of Service Articles, Journal of Service Management, 28 (5), 810-836. (Best Paper Award, 1st place).

Benoit, S., Baker, T., Bolton, R., Gruber, T., Kandampully, J. (2017), A Triadic Framework for Collaborative Consumption: Motives, Roles and Resources, Journal of Business Research 79, 219-227.

Benoit, S., Klose, S., Ettinger, A. (2017), Linking service convenience to satisfaction: Dimensions and key moderators, Journal of Services Marketing, 31 (6), 527-538.

Keiningham, T., Ball, J., Benoit, S., Bruce, H.L., Buoye, A., Dzenkovska, J., Nasr, L., Oh, Y.-C., Zaki, M. (2017), The interplay of customer experience and commitment, Journal of Services Marketing, 31(2), 148-160. (Best paper award, 2nd place)

Schaefers, T., Wittkowski, K., Benoit, S., Ferraro, R. (2016), Contagious Effects of Customer Misbehavior in Access-Based Services, Journal of Service Research, 19 (1), 3-21. (Best paper award, 2nd place)

Benoit, S., Bilstein, N., Hogreve, J., Sichtmann, C. (2016), Explaining Social Exchanges in Information-Based Online Communities, Journal of Service Management, 27 (4), 460-480.

Benoit, S., Schaefers, T., Heider, R. (2016), Utilitarian, hedonic and hybrid determinants of on-the-go consumption, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 31 (1), 32-42.

Huneke, T., Benoit, S., Shams, P., Gustafsson, A., (2015), Does Service Employees’ Appearance Affect the Healthiness of Food Choice?, Psychology and Marketing, 32 (1), 96-106.

Wagner, J., Benoit, S. (2015), Creating Value in Retail Buyer-Vendor Relationships: A Service-Centered Model, Industrial Marketing Management, 44 (1), 166-179.

Hartmann, J., Moeller, S. (2014), Clan Liability in Multi-Tier Supply Chains? Responsibility Attributions for Unsustainable Supplier Behaviour, Journal of Operations Management, 32 (5), 281-294.

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Wittkowski, K., Moeller, S., Wirtz, J. (2013), Understanding Firms’ Intentions to Use Non-ownership Services, Journal of Service Research, 16 (2), 171-185.

Goebel, P., Moeller, S., Pibernik, R. (2012), Paying for Convenience: Attractiveness and Market Potential of Time-Based Delivery Services, International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 42 (6), 584-606.

Heider, R., Moeller, S. (2012), Outlet Patronage in On-the-go Consumption: An Analysis of Patronage Preference Drivers for Convenience Outlets versus Traditional Retail Outlets, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 19 (3), 313-324.

Moeller, S. (2010), Characteristics of Services – A Customer Integration Perspective Uncovers their Value, Journal of Services Marketing, 24 (5), 359-368.

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Moeller, S., Fassnacht, M., Klose, S. (2008), Defensive Relationship Marketing: Avoiding Decreasing Sales from Customers in Consumer Goods Mass Markets, Journal of Relationship Marketing, 7 (2), 197-215.

Moeller, S., Fassnacht, M., Klose, S. (2006), A Framework for Supplier Relationship Management, Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 13 (4), 69-94.

Research grants and awards


Sabine has received regular corporate funding in the last 15 years including for Lekkerland.


2020 Best paper award, runner up (2nd), Journal of Service Management

2019 Best paper award, runner up (2ndJournal of Service Management

2018 Best paper award runner up (2nd), Journal of Services Marketing

2017 Best paper award, runner up (2nd), Journal of Service Research

2013 Best reviewer award, Journal of Services Marketing

Research engagement and outreach

Professional Responsibilities:

Editorial Board of Journal of Service Research 

Editorial Board of Journal of Service Management 

Editorial Board of Journal of Services Marketing

Editorial Board of Journal of Business Research

Editorial Board of Academy of Marketing Science Review

Editorial Board of Psychology and Marketing


Previous Teaching:

MKTG7260 - Marketing and Stakeholder Communications - MBA