Professor Marvin Wee

Marvin Wee


Research School of Accounting

Phone number
+61 2 612 50416
Room 327, CBE Bld (26C)
Research areas

Capital markets; Company disclosures; Analyst and management forecasts.


Marvin Wee is a Professor in the Research School of Accounting and the Director of Students and Learning at the College of Business and Economics. Marvin researches on the topics of trading behaviour, firm disclosure, investor relations, international financial reporting standards and information asymmetry within the stock market.  His research work is directed at both academics and practitioners, and is strengthened by his prior experience working in the banking industry as an interest rate and foreign exchange sales dealer. Marvin has published in leading academic journals including Accounting and Finance, and Australian Journal of Management, Global Finance Journal, Journal of Financial Markets, and Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, and also presented at many national and international conferences.

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Research publications

Forthcoming articles:

Daniliuc, S., L. Li and M. Wee, 2020, Busy directors and firm performance: a replication and extension of Hauser. Accounting and Finance. Forthcoming.

Selected Publications:

  • Cahill, D., K. Fong, M. Wee & J. Yang, 2020, The role of Implied Volatility in Liquidity Provision, Australian Journal of Management 45: pp.45-71.
  • Aman, H., W. Beekes, H. Berkman, M. Bohmann, M. Bradbury, E. Chapple, M. Chang, V. Clout, R. Faff, J. Han, D. Hillier, A. Hodgson, B. Howieson, J. Jona, M. Linnenluecke, T. Loncan, B. McCredie, D. Michayluk, N. Mroczkowski, Z. Pan, V. Patel, E. Podolski, N. Soderstrom, T. Smith, G. Tanewski, K. Walsh, M. Wee, & S. Wright, 2019, Responsible science: Celebrating the 50-year legacy of Ball and Brown (1968) using a registration-based framework, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal 56: pp.129-150.
  • Aman, H., W. Beekes, M. Chang & M. Wee, 2019, The role of credibility in the relation between management forecasts and analyst forecasts in Japan, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal 55: pp.29-45.
  • Bayne, L. & M. Wee, 2019, Non-financial performance indicators in annual reports: Australian practice. Accounting Research Journal 32: pp.7-19.
  • Fargher, N & Wee, M 2019, 'The impact of Ball and Brown (1968) on generations of research', Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, vol. 54, pp.55-72.
  • Moriyasu, H, Wee, M & Yu, J 2018, 'The role of algorithmic trading in stock liquidity and commonality in electronic limit order markets', Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, vol. 49, pp.103-128.
  • Chang, M, Jackson, A & Wee, M 2018, 'A review of research on regulation changes in the Asia-Pacific region', Accounting & Finance, vol. 58, pp.635-667.
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  • Malone, L, Tarca, A & Wee, M 2016, 'IFRS non-GAAP earnings disclosures and fair value measurement', Accounting & Finance, vol. 56, no. 1, pp.59-97p.
  • Wee, M & Yang, J 2016, 'The Evolution of Informed Liquidity Provision: Evidence from an Order-driven Market', European Financial Management, vol. 22, no. 5, pp.882-915.
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  • Foster, F, Ng, J & Wee, M 2015, 'Presentation Format and Financial Literacy: Accessibility and Assessability of Retirement Savings Statements', Journal of Consumer Affairs, vol. 49, no. 3, pp.519-549.
  • Chang, M, Hooi, L & Wee, M 2014, 'How does investor relations disclosure affect analysts forecasts?', Accounting & Finance, vol. 54, no. 2, pp.365-391.
  • Wee, M, Tarca, A & Chang, M 2014, 'Disclosure Incentives, Mandatory Standards and Firm Communication in the IFRS Adoption Setting', Australian Journal of Management, vol. 39, no. 2, pp.265-291.
  • Cotter, J, Tarca, A & Wee, M 2012, 'IFRS adoption and analysts' earnings forecasts: Australian evidence', Accounting & Finance, vol. 52, no. 2, pp.395-419.
  • Wee, M & Yang, J 2012, 'Order size, order imbalance and the volatility-volume relation in a bull versus a bear market', Accounting & Finance, vol. 52, no. 1, pp.145-163.

Industry commissioned reports:

Executive Remuneration

Van Zyl, W., and M. Wee, 2019, AASB Research Report 8: Literature review – Remuneration Reporting.

Non-financial Reporting

Bayne, L., M. Wee, M. and A. Tarca, 2019, Non-financial performance: Are your non-financial KPIs useful?, Research report from grant received from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.

Integrated Reporting

Research grants and awards


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, 2017
Evaluating the comparability and usefulness of disclosure of IFRS companies’ non-financial performance measures
Investigators:  L. Bayne, A. Tarca and M. Wee  

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, 2016-2017
Managerial Remuneration Contracts and “Gaming” Non-GAAP Earnings
Investigators:  M. Wee and W. Van Zyl   

Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Research Fund, 2016/7
Effects of Dark Pool Trading on Liquidity and Price Discovery: An Experimental Approach
Investigators:  Y. Wen with M. Wee (Mentor) 

Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant, DP160101348
Adoption of Australian IFRS: Are IFRS "Fit for Purpose”?
Investigators:  M. Wee, A. Tarca and G. Clinch                            

KPMG Foundation/ International Association for Accounting Education and Research, 2015/6
Presentation and Disclosure of IFRS Earnings,Adjusted Earnings and Subtotals: Relevance to Market Participants and Implications for Standard Setters
Investigators:  M. Wee, G. Clinch, and A. Tarca 

Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Research Fund, 2015/6
Effect of Framing and Educational Instruction on Individuals’ Superannuation Decision Making
Investigators:  M. Wee 

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, International Association for Accounting Education and Research and the International Integrated Reporting Council, 2014
Factors Affecting Preparers’ and Auditors’ Judgments about Materiality and Conciseness in Integrated Reporting
Investigators:  M. Wee, A. Tarca, W. Aerts, L. Krug and P. Pink 

The Institute of Chartered Accountants, 2012
Title:  Segment Reporting and Management Commentary: An Evaluation of Current Practices and the Potential for Integrated Reporting
Investigators:  M. Wee and A. Tarca


Best Paper Award (International Accounting Stream)
2017 Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference 

E. Yetton Prize - Runner Up 2015
Australian Journal of Management

Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Institute Research Award 2013
Financial Management Association Asian Conference
The paper titled “The Role of Algorithmic Trading in Stock Liquidity: Evidence from Tokyo Stock Exchange” was recognised for its “relevance and enduring value to investment professionals”.

SIRCA Best Paper Award, 2009
Australasian Banking and Finance Conference

Research engagement and outreach

Deputy Editor-in-chief, Accounting and Finance

Co-Director of Doctoral Symposium, Board Member, Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand

CPA ACT division council.



BUSN4007/8007 Analysis of Financial Reporting

BUSN4045/7045/8145 Corporate Governance

BUSN8111 Seminal Research in Accounting