Lin Hu

Lin Hu


Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies & Statistics

Phone number
+61 2 612 50703
Room 3.13, CBE Bld (26C)
Research areas

Finance; Political economy; Fintech; Economics of information systems.


Lin Hu earned her PhD in economics at Arizona State University. She conducts research in the areas of household finance, fintech, economics of information systems, and political economy.  Lin is particularly interested in how financial media can affect investors’ decisions such as stock market participation and refinancing. She is also interested in how the advancement of information technology such as news personalization and fintech can affect political and economic outcomes.

Research publications

Electoral Accountability and Selection with Personalized Information Aggregation. (with Anqi Li) Games and Economic Behavior. 2023 

The Politics of News Personalization. (with Anqi Li and Ilya Segal) Journal of Political Economy Microeconomics. 2023

Competition and Distortion: A Theory of Information Bias on the Peer-to-Peer Lending Market. (with Zhenhua Wu, Zhijie Lin and Yong Tan) Information Systems Research. 2021

Research grants and awards

Best Paper Award Nomination, HICSS 2023.

Best Paper Award for the use of innovative data, FIRN 2019 annual conference.

College Research Committee Grant, Australian National University.


FINM 3015 Foundations of Fintech

FINM 3045/6045 Asian Capital Market

FINM 8100 Applied Project in Finance