Dr Toni Eagar

Toni Eagar


Research School of Management

Senior Lecturer
Phone number
+61 2 612 58579
Room 2.23, CBE Bld (26C)
Research areas

Marketing; Consumption communities; Online and social media consumption; Space / place consumption; Human / personal branding; Consumer culture theory.


Toni Eagar is a Senior Lecturer of Marketing. Her research centres on the relationship between consumers, culture and the marketplace. In particular, Toni is interested in how social, critical and literary theories can illuminate the relationships between market actors, branding and market structures. With a focus on human branding, Toni has used the contexts of David Bowie to understand the limitations of celebrity within marketplaces. Her research has discovered that human branding is also the lens that was used to understand the stories that people tell with their selfie behaviour. Consumption communities is another focus, where Toni has researched the nature of fan relationships with the creators, often referred to as brand heroes and celebrities, where she has explored admired brands. Lastly, space and place is an emerging area of research interest where Toni examines an alternative narrative perspective and the applications to the formation of mythic stories about space. Toni’s research has been published in highly ranked journals including European Journal of Marketing and Journal of Marketing Management.

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Research publications

Murray, J. B.,  Zafeirenia Brokalaki, Anoop Bhogal-Nair, Ashley Cermin, Jessica Chelekis, Hayley Cocker, Toni Eagar, Brandon McAlexander, Natalie Mitchell, Rachel Patrick, Thomas Robinson, Joachim Scholz, Anastasia Thyroff, Mariella Zavala, Miguel A Zuniga (2019). Toward a Processual Theory of Transformation. Journal of Business Research. 100, 319-326

O’Sullivan, M., Shona Bettany, Toni Eagar (2019). A Tale of Two Scarves, of Pride and Pain, in Crafting Dissent: Handicraft as Protest from the American Revolution to the Pussyhats, Mandell, H. (Ed.), Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

Eagar, T. & L’Espoir Decosta, P. (2018). The Nomadic Consumption Community: The recursive role of space in community mobility. Journal of Marketing Management. 34(7-8), 569-591.DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/0267257X.2018.1470101

Belk, R., Mitchell, N., Eagar, T., Thomas, K., & Wijland, R. (2018). Thin-slicing Tremé as a Subjective Sashay: Heretical Pilgrimages to St Augustine Church, Consumption, Markets and Culture, 21(3), 215-238. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/10253866.2017.1414049 

Eagar, T., & Dann, S. (2016). Classifying the narrated# selfie: genre typing human-branding activity. European Journal of Marketing, 50(9/10), 1835-1857.

Eagar, T., & Dann, S. (2016). Capturing and Analyzing Social Media Composite Content: The Instagram Selfie, in Nil Özçağlar-Toulouse , Diego Rinallo , Russell W. Belk (ed.) Consumer Culture Theory (Research in Consumer Behavior, Volume 18) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.245 – 265.

Eagar, T., & Lindridge, A. (2015). Resolving Contradictions in Human Brand Celebrity and Iconicity, in Anastasia E. Thyroff , Jeff B. Murray , Russell W. Belk (ed.) Consumer Culture Theory (Research in Consumer Behavior, Volume 17) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.311 – 330

Lindridge, A., & Eagar, T. (2015). ‘And Ziggy played guitar’: Bowie, the market, and the emancipation and resurrection of Ziggy Stardust, Journal of Marketing Management, 31(5-6), 546-576.

Eagar, T. & Lindridge, A. (2014). Becoming Iconic: David Bowie From Man to Icon. Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 42, 302-306.

Research grants and awards

ANZMAC 2018 Best Paper in Track - Consumer Behaviour: Zhang, X., Toni Eagar & Patrick L’Espoir Decosta. Branding Love: Lovelocks as a Romantic Sacrifice Ritual

AM2014 Consumer Culture Theory Track Prize: Lindridge, A.M. and Eagar, T. The rise, death and resurrection of a celeactor: What Ziggy Stardust and David Bowie tells us about celebrity and market emancipation.

Research engagement and outreach

Editorial Roles

  • Journal of Marketing Management – Associate Editor
  • Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal - Editorial Advisory Board

Conference track chair
ANZMAC 2019 Consumer Culture Theory Track Co - Chair


Current Teaching:

MKTG7260 Marketing and Stakeholder Communication     

MKTG2031 Consumer Behaviour

MKTG7050 Consumer Behaviour and Analysis

Previous Teaching: 

MKTG2001 Marketing Research

MKTG7060 Applied Market Research