Associate Professor Patrick J.N. L'Espoir Decosta

Patrick Decosta


Research School of Management

Associate Professor
Phone number
+61 2 612 53030
Room 1111, LF Crisp Bld (26)
Research areas

Tourism; Marketing and consumer behaviour; Research methods; Evidence-based education; Management., Indigenous methods, Indigenous studies, post-colonialism, Tourism education


Patrick L'Espoir Decosta is an Associate Professor of Marketing. Patrick’s research interests include international marketing, tourism, marketing and evidence-based education. In tourism, Patrick is interested in tourism development in indigenous communities and from a postcolonial perspective, destination promotion and marketing, tourist behaviour and critical perspective to tourism. In marketing, his research covers country of origin effect, access-based economy and value creation. He is also interested in how product geography can link destinations with product association, and researches ways to integrate evidence-based practice and methods in curriculum development and teaching in Management Education in general. Patrick‘s work has appeared in leading academic journals including Annals of Tourism ResearchJournal of Travel ResearchTourism ManagementInternational Marketing Review, Journal of Marketing Management and Journal of Retail and Consumer Services. Patrick’s contribution to practice includes an advisory role as Director of Quality Assurance to the Centre of Evidence-Based Management in the Netherlands, a nexus where he links theory with practice and research-led education.

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Research publications

Andéhn, M. & L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P. (forthcoming). 'Negotiating with the juggernauth' - On agritourism and the paradoxes of market-driven conservation. In J. Mbaiwa, W.L. Hambira, O.D. Kolawole & E. Mogende. (Eds.). Handbook on tourism and conservation. Edward Elgar Publishing. 

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Dale, N., L'Espoir Decosta, P.J.N. & Kelly, L. (2022). Transformative experiences on school excursion: students as catalysts for sustainable tourism. In H. Seraphin, (Ed.). Children in Sustainable and Responsible Tourism. Emerald, Ch. 6.

Shrestha, R.K. & L'Espoir Decosta, J.N.P. (2021). Developing capabilities for community collaboration and tourism product innovation in response to crisis: Nepal and COVID-19. Journal of Sustainable Tourism,  

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Andéhn, M. & L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P. (2020). Authenticity and Product Geography in the Making of the Agritourism Destination. Journal of Travel Research.

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Eagar, T. & L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P. (2018). The nomadic consumption community: the recursive role of space in community mobility. In The Consumption, Politics and Transformation of Community, Journal of Marketing Management, 34 (Issue 7-8), pp. 569-591

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Dale, N.F., L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P. & Weir, B. (2017). Semantics of learning outcomes for a tourism degree across institutions, industry and governing bodies. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 30

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Wikstrom, S., Jonsson, H., & L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P. (2014). A clash of modernities: Developing a new value-based framework to understand the mismatch between production and consumption.  Journal of Consumer Culture, April 4; DOI: 1469540514528197

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McKercher, Bob & L'Espoir Decosta, Patrick. (2007). The Lingering Effect of Colonialism on Tourism Movements. Tourism Economics, 13 (3), 453-474

Conference Papers

Kan John, P., Lear, E., L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P., Gregor, S., Dann, S. & Sun, R. (2020).  The Project Client Map- A guided visual tool for teaching front-end innovation. XXXI The International Society for Professional Innovation Management. Innovation Conference – Innovating in Times of Crisis- Virtual 2020.

L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P., Eagar, T. & Zhang, X. (2019). When romance destroys: Tourists’ lovelock practices and the bridges of Paris. Consumer Culture Theory 2019 Conference, Concodia University, Montreal, Canada, (Paper presentation by Toni Eagar)

Bettany, S., Higgins, L., Hamilton, K., Eagar, T., L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P. & Zhang, X. (2019). Enshrining Pooh bears, padlocks, and petitions: the things people leave behind. Paper 49. Consumer Culture Theory 2019 Conference, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Zhang, Z., Eagar, T. & L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P. (2018). Branding love: lovelocks as a romantic sacrifice ritual. Australian New Zealand Marketing Academy, Adelaide, South Australia.

Eagar, T. & L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P. (2018). Liminality and Hyperreality in Celebrity Consumption. Australian New Zealand Marketing Academy, Adelaide, South Australia. 

Eagar, T. & L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P. (2017). The role of space in consumption community mobility. Australian New Zealand Marketing Academy. Melbourne, VC.

Nilsson, M., L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P., & Östrom, A. (2012). School meals: To develop trust and appreciation. 5th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research, Bern. “A sense of Inspiration,” Elsevier.

L’Espoir Decosta, Patrick; (2008). Archival Research Methods in the Study of Tourism. 13th Annual Graduate Education & Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality & Tourism,; Orlando, Florida

Book Reviews

L’Espoir Decosta, J.N.P. (2017). Book Review: Travel and Transformation. International Journal in Tourism Policy, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 169- 171.

L'Espoir Decosta, J.N.P. (2011). Western women, Eastern men [Review of the book Sex, tourism and the postcolonial encounter: Landscapes of longing in Egypt]. Tourism Geographies.

Decosta, P.L. (2009). Book Review: New perspectives in Caribbean tourism. International Journal in Tourism Policy, Vol. 2, Nos. 1/2, pp.151–154

Research engagement and outreach

Director of Accreditation, Centre for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa)

Editorial Board:

Journal of Travel Research

Tourism Management Perspectives

Newspaper mentions in Tourism related articles: 

The effect of Trump on Tourism

The election of Donald Trump might divert some holidaying Australians to Canada, but it won’t come close to the impact of the Bali bombings or the Fukushima nuclear disaster on Australians’ getaway plans, according to tourism researchers. Dr Patrick L'Espoir Decosta from the Australian National University believes there may be a short-term reaction from some, but that tourists typically don't hold grudges. By Jackson Gothe-Snape

Moon party over Thailand tourism boom

After a decade of booming growth in Australians visiting Thailand, tourists are now choosing alternative destinations. An increase in accommodation prices due to demand from a growing number of Chinese tourists has also made the destination less attractive for budget-conscious Australians, according to Dr Patrick L'Espoir Decosta from the Australian National University. By Jackson Gothe-Snape

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Chinese tourists drive tourism record, more than two arrivals per minute Dr Patrick L'Espoir Decosta from the Australian National University told SBS News in January that years of work positioning Australia as an attractive travel destination for overseas visitors is being rewarded as growing wealth in China and India drives tourism spending. By Jackson Gothe-Snape

Ein Platz an der Sonne (A place in the Sun)

Dem widerspricht L’Espoir Decosta, der an der Australian National University lehrt. »Menschen reisen ja nicht mit kolonialer Absicht, auch wenn ihre Haltung und ihr Verhalten gegenüber den Menschen in den bereisten Ländern manchmal an koloniale Zeiten erinnern«, meint er. Decosta plädiert deshalb für mehr Sensibilität der Reisenden. By Elisa Rheinheimer-Chabbi


Current Teaching:

MKTG 7001 Marketing for Leaders (MBA)

MKTG 7060 Applied Market Research

MKTG 2001 Marketing Research

Previous Teaching:

MKTG 7260 Marketing and stakeholder communications 

MKTG 7001- Marketing (Tsinghua) 

MKTG 2003 Advertising – an Integrated Marketing Communications perspective

MKTG2001- Marketing Research