Associate Professor Alexander Eapen

Alexander Eapen


Research School of Management

Associate Professor
Phone number
+61 2 612 57352
Room 2.20, CBE Bld (26C)
Research areas

Strategic management (Multimarket competition; mutual forbearance; strategic alliances); International Business (FDI; knowledge spillovers)


Alex Eapen is an Associate Professor of Strategy. His research interests include strategic management and international business. Alex has explored knowledge transfers in strategic alliances between firms and their impact on the choice between contractual and equity forms of alliance governance. He has also researched knowledge spillovers from foreign multinational enterprises to local firms in the host country, exploring both the conditions conducive to these positive spillovers and the empirical estimation techniques needed to accurately estimate their size. Alex is currently working with his PhD students to understand how intermediaries and Government financial assistance helps catalyse the innovation efforts of Australian businesses, the impact of environmental strategies on firms’ R&D productivity, and how multipoint competition influences businesses’ rate of new product launches.  Some of Alex’s work has received financial support from funders including the Australian Department of Defence and the Commonwealth Department of Employment, while his publications have appeared in leading journals such as Organization Science, Journal of International Business Studies, Economic Modelling, and Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences.

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Research publications

Eapen, A., Krishnan R. 2019. Transferring tacit know-how: Do opportunism-safeguards matter for firm boundary decisions? Organization Science (ABDC rank A*; FT50).

Cervantes, I., Dang, H., Eapen, A. 2019. FDI and human development. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.

Eapen, A., Yeo, J., Sasidharan, S. 2018. Finance constraints and technology spillovers from foreign to domestic firms. Forthcoming in Economic Modelling (ABDC rank A).

Eapen, A., Yeo, J., George R. 2017. Business group affiliation and FDI spillovers. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings

Eapen, A. 2013. FDI Spillover Effects in Incomplete Datasets. Journal of International Business Studies, 44(7): 719-744 (ABDC rank A*; FT50) 

Eapen, A. 2012. Social Structure and Technology Spillovers from Foreign to Domestic Firms. Journal of International Business Studies, 43(3): 244-263. (ABDC rank A*; FT50)

Eapen, A., & Krishnan, R. 2009. Conform or Rebel: When Does Keeping to the Rules Enhance Firm Performance? Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 26: 95-108.(Verity International Award for the overall outstanding paper in the field of Management)

Krishnan, R., Noorderhaven, N., & Eapen, A. 2012. Collaboration across borders: Benefits to firms in an emerging economy. In Verbeke, A., & Merchant, H. (eds.) Handbook of Research on International Strategic Management. Edward Elgar.

Eapen, A. 2010. Delivering High Quality, Individualized Feedback Reports to Large Classes of Students. Synergy, 30: 69-74. (Teaching publication)

Research grants and awards

Reward without promotion -- Attracting and retaining cybersecurity talent in the ADF' (Joint with David Cheng and Rajiv Amarnani), Department of Defence Directorate of People Research and Intelligence (DPIR) 2019.

Jobfit – evaluation of the phone application’ (Joint with Byron Keating and John Campbell) Commonwealth Department of Employment, 2016. 

Dr. Eapen has received several international awards for his research. His doctoral thesis was one of the four finalists for the coveted Gunnar Hedlund prize (2007) given by the Stockholm School of Economics for the best dissertation in International business written at universities around the world. He also won the Verity Award for the most outstanding paper published in the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences in 2009. His publication titled 'Social structure and technology spillovers from foreign to domestic firms' was selected and highlighted by the editors of the Journal of International Business Studies as an example of 'groundbreaking scholarship'. He was also a joint recipient of the 2019 CEIBS Best Paper Prize given by the Academy of Management, finalist for the 2015 Alan Rugman Young Scholar award (formerly, Haynes Prize) given by the Academy of International Business, and finalist for the 2017 Carolyn Dexter Award given by the Academy of Management. He was given Best Reviewer Awards from the Journal or World Business (2016) and by the Academy of International Business (2015, 2011).

Research engagement and outreach

Editorial review board member, Journal of World Business

Editorial review board member, Global Strategy Journal

Editorial review board member, Journal of Business Research

Editorial review board member, Australian Journal of Management


Alex’s teaching interests are concentrated on 'Strategic Management', and he has delivered courses to MBA and Executive Education audiences.  

MGMT3015 Corporate Strategy

MGMT8022 Strategic Management