Associate Professor Alessandra Capezio

Alessandra Capezio


Research School of Management

Associate Professor
Phone number
+61 2 612 51754
Room 1073, LF Crisp Bld (26)
Research areas

Evidence-based decision-making & practice in organisations; Organisational behaviour; Conduct risk & unethical behaviour; Corporate governance; Career development.


Alessandra Capezio is an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, and Fellow of the Centre for Evidence Management. Alessandra’s primary research focus is on critical thinking, evidenced-based decision-making and practice in organisations. In particular, as a core member of the Work Effectiveness and Leadership Lab, Alessandra researches dysfunctional workplace behaviours, careers, emotion, and self-regulation at work. Alessandra’s other research interests are the 'dark' side of organisational behaviour, conduct risk and unethical behaviour in the workplace, corporate governance from a behavioural perspective, and career development. Alessandra's research has been published in top-tier journals including Journal of ManagementHuman RelationsJournal of Vocational BehaviorJournal of Management StudiesJournal of Construction & Engineering ManagementJournal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Career Assessment.

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Twitter: @AlessCapezio


Research publications

Amarnani, R., Lajom, J., Restubog, S.L.D., & Capezio., A. ‘Consumed by Obsession: Career Adaptability and the Performance Consequences of Passion’. Accepted for Publication: Human Relations [Financial Times 50, Australian Business Deans Council Journal Ranking: A*]

Lu, V., Restubog, S. L. D., Wang, L., Garcia, P. R. J. M., & Capezio., A. ‘The consequences of customer mistreatment’. Accepted for publication: Journal of Vocational Behavior [Australian Business Deans Council Journal Rating: A*]

Ng, C., Garcia, P.R.J.M., Capezio, A., & Tang, R.  ‘Distressed and drained: Intimate partner aggression and the buffering role of perceived supervisor support’, Conditional acceptance June 2017, Journal of Vocational Behavior [Australian Business Deans Council Journal Ranking: A*]

Petelcyzc, C., Capezio, A., Wang, L., Restubog, S.L.D., Aquino, K. ‘Play at work: An integrative review” (in press) Journal of Management[Financial Times 50, Australian Business Deans Council Journal Ranking: A*] NB (First, second, and third authors made an equal contribution). 

Chih, Y., Kiazad, K., Li, M., Capezio, A., Zhou, L., & Restubog, S.L.D. (2017). Broken promises: Implications for Chinese construction workers' job insecurity and job performance. Journal of Construction & Enginering Management [Australian Business Deans Council: A; ERA: A*], 143(4).  

Chih, Y., Kiazad, K., Cheng, D., Capezio, A., Restubog, S.L.D.  Does organizational fairness matter? Implications for construction workers’ organizational commitment (2017). ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering [ERA journal ranking: A*; ABDC journal ranking: A].

Chih, Y.Y., Kiazad, K., Zhou, L. Capezio, A., Li, M., Restubog, S.L. (2017). Broken promises: Implications for Chinese construction workers' job insecurity and performance. Journal of Construction and Engineering Management [ABDC Ranking: A*]. 

Capezio, A., Wang, N., Restubog, S. L. D., Garcia, P. R. J. M., & Lu, V. (2017). To flatter or to assert? Gendered reactions to Machiavellian leaders. Journal of Business Ethics (FT45, ABDC ranking: A).

Guan, M., Capezio, A., Restubog, S. L. D., Read, S., & Li, M. (2016). Investigating the role of traditionality in the relationships among parental support, career decision-making self-efficacy and career adaptability. Journal of Vocational Behavior [Australian Business Deans Council Journal Ranking: A*] NB (First, second, and third authors made an equal contribution), 94: 114-123. 

Lu, V.N., Capezio, A., Restubog, S.L.D., Garcia, P.R.J.M, Wang, L. (2016). In pursuit of service excellence: Investigating the role of psychological contracts and organizational identification of frontline hotel employees. Tourism Management [Australian Business Deans Council Journal Ranking: A*],56: 8-19

Capezio, A., & Mavisakalyan, A. (2016). 'Women in the boardroom and fraud: Evidence from Australia', Australian Journal of Management [Australian Business Deans Council Journal Rating: A], 41(4): 719-734. 

Sibunruang, H., Capezio, A., & Restubog, S. L. D. (2015). In Pursuit of Success: The Differential Moderating Effects of Political Skill on the Relationship between Career-related Psychological Needs and Ingratiation. Journal of Career Assessment, 23:336-348  [Australian Business Deans Council Journal Rating: A].

Sibunruang, H, Capezio, A & Restubog, S (2014), 'Getting ahead through flattery: Examining the Moderating Roles of Organization-Based Self-Esteem and Political Skill in the Ingratiation-Promotability Relationship', Journal of Career Assessment [Australian Business Deans Council Journal Rating: A], 22(4): 610-626. 

Capezio, A., Cui, L., Hu, H., and Shields, J. (2014). ‘Predictors and consequences of corporate director social identification: A study in China’, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 31(4): 899-924 [Australian Business Deans' Council Journal Rating: A]

Capezio, A, Shields, J & O'Donnell, M. (2011). 'Too Good to be True: Board Structural Independence as a Moderator of CEO Pay-for-Firm-Performance', Journal of Management Studies, vol. 48, no. 3, pp. 487-513 [Australian Business Deans Council Journal Rating: A*, Financial Times 45].


Barends, E., Rousseau D.M., & Capezio, A. (2018) 'Apply: incorporating the evidence into the decision-making process', in Barends and Rousseau, 1st Edition of Evidence-Based Management: How to Use Evidence to Make Better Organizational Decisions, Kogan Page, USA, pp: 268-282.  

Sibunruang, H, & Capezio, A. (2016) ‘The effects of Machiavellian leaders on employees’ use of upward influence tactics: An examination of the moderating roles of gender and perceived leader similarity’, in Vigoda-Gadot & Drory,  2nd Edition of The Handbook of Organizational Politics: Looking Back & to the Future, Edward Elgar Publishing, UK. 

Capezio, A & Shields, J (2009). 'Sensitivity & Sensemaking: Rethinking CEO reward determination', in Suzanne Young (ed.), Contemporary Issues in International Corporate Governance, Tilde University Press, Australia, pp. 58-72.


Research grants and awards

ARC Discovery 2017 

Kiazad, Restubog, Capezio, Hom, Holtom, & Lee (2017-2019).  Strengthening Australia's Science Workforce: A Job Embeddedness Perspective. Australian Research Council Discovery Scheme.

This project aims to study why science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) employees stay or leave jobs. There is a strong economic imperative to retain STEM employees. The Australian Government invests heavily in building the supply of STEM graduates, but STEM workers often leave STEM occupations. This project will use a job embeddedness perspective to clarify why these employees stay or leave. Expected project outputs include an evidence-based toolkit, online masterclass and an online community of practice to contribute to strengthening Australia’s science and innovation capacity.


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