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Rather than multiple live tutorials working through the same material, a single pre-recorded tutorial covering the week’s tutorial content such as demonstrating the working for a set of problems should be made available for all students.

Recordings can be made using Echo360 Universal Capture, Zoom, Microsoft PowerPoint or any other recording software. The table below includes links to ANU supported software and details some of their key features.


Key features

Echo360 Universal 
Capture Personal (UCAP)
  • Recordings save directly to Echo360 library (personal/direct to class available).
  • One or two inputs can be recorded at any one time (e.g. desktop and/or webcam). Inputs cannot be changed during a recording.
  • UCAP does not record system sounds (e.g. YouTube video sound). 
ANU Zoom Client
  • Allows for multiple screen share input changes throughout a recording (including whiteboard).
  • Allows for small 'talking head' thumbnail to be recorded during screensharing.
  • Manual upload to Echo360 library or Wattle required.

Mircosoft Office365



As for pre-recorded lectures availability of recorded tutorials should be consistent week to week.

Routine scheduling of live tutorial/tutor consultation/discussion sessions at the start of the semester is recommended to provide structure, consistency with the on-campus routine, and a sense of belonging among the student cohort. 

Weekly live tutorial/tutor consultation/discussion sessions should be available on Wattle for student enrolment. This can be achieved using the group self-select activity or scheduler


Recorded tutorials must be supplemented with weekly live tutorial consultation sessions to ensure students have opportunity to interact and ask questions. 

Live tutorials can be delivered using Echo360 Universal Capture, Zoom or Microsoft Teams (Adobe Connect can also be used however is currently only accessible to students studying in Australia). The table below includes links to ANU supported software and details how they can support live teaching. 



Echo360 Universal 
Capture Personal (UCAP)

Universal Capture Personal (UCAP) now allows users to live stream their teaching and have it recorded at the same time. The recorded live stream will then be uploaded to the Echo360 sites for students to view.

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ANU Zoom Client

Incorporate intercative elements into your tutorial including break rooms, polling, and a shared whiteboard.

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Mircosoft Office365


Micrsoft Teams can be used as a tool to facilitate tutorials and engaing class dicussions. 


Live activities should be recorded and made available for students with poor internet connection who cannot participate live.

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