Hazards - reporting and registers

Hazardous materials register

The Hazardous Materials Register provides information on the existence and location of any known or presumed hazardous materials found in ANU buildings.

1. Click on the ANU Building Management page and you will see the following section:

2. Select the building number relevant to your area, shown on the list below:

Building #

Building name


Hanna Neumann




HW Arndt


LF Crisp


PAP Moran


College of Business and Economics

3. Click on PDF files to view the register or report. See example below:

CBE WHS Hazards register

The CBE WHS Hazard Register documents the hazards that have been identified, assessed and where reasonably practicable controlled to reduce the risk to the CBE Community.

Download the CBE WHS Hazard Register 2017 [Excel worksheet 608KB].

If you would like to identify a new hazard or modify an existing assessment please email whs.cbe@anu.edu.au with your request.