Professor George Chen

Zheng George Chen


Research School of Management

Phone number
+61 2 612 56194
Room 1069, LF Crisp Bld (26)
Research areas

Organizational behaviour; Leadership; Employee voice behaviour; Overqualification.


Zhen Xiong (George) Chen is a Professor of Management. George’s research centres on organizational behaviour in cross-cultural contexts, particularly leadership, employee voice behaviour, and overqualification. His work has been published in leading journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Management Studies, Human Resource Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Leadership Quarterly, and Human Relations. George has served as a senior editor for Management and Organization Review, and on the editorial boards of Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Journal of Management and Organizations. George also served as a co-chair on the Research Committee, the International Association for Chinese Management Research.

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Research publications

Selected Publications:

Articles in Refereed Journals:

“Effects of Perceived Overqualification on Career Distress and Career Planning: Mediating Role of Career Identity and Moderating Role of Leader Humility” (in press), With Ma, C., Ganegoda, D., Jiang, X., & Dong, C. Human Resource Management.

 “Seeing is not believing: Leader humility, hypocrisy, and their impact on followers' behavior” (in press), with K Bharanitharan, Bahmannia, S., Lowe, K. B., & Cui L.  The Leadership Quarterly.

“Why and When Leader Humility Promotes Constructive Voice: A Crossover of Energy Perspective” (in press), With Ma, C., Wu, C. H., Jiang, X. & Wei, W. Personnel Review.

“A stress perspective on antecedents of abusive supervision: Blaming the organisation when exhausted supervisors abuse” (in press). With Ng, S. & Zhang, X. Journal of Management And Organization.

Linking perceived overqualification with task performance and proactivity? An examination from self-concept-based perspective”, with Ma, C., Lin, X., & Wei, W. Journal of Business Research. 2020, 118: 199-209.

“Is Leader Humility a Friend or Foe, or Both? An Attachment Theory Lens on Leader Humility and Its Contradictory Outcomes”, with Karunanithi, B, Bahmannia, S, & Lowe, K. B. Journal of Business Ethics. 2019, 160: 729-743

“Why and When Employees Like to Speak up More Under Humble Leaders? The Roles of Personal Sense of Power and Power Distance”, with Lin, X, Tse, H. et al. Journal of Business Ethics. 2019, 158(4): 937-950.

“A Self-Consistency Motivation Analysis of Employee Reactions to Job Insecurity: The roles of organization-based self-esteem and proactive personality”, with Lin, X., Chen, Z. X., Ashford, S.,  Lee, C., & Qian, J. Journal of Business Research. 2018, 92: 168-178.

“How Does Growth Need Strength Influence Employee Outcomes? Roles of Hope, Leadership, and Culture”, with Lin, X, Qian, J, & Li, M, The International Journal of Human Resource Management. 2018, 29: 2524-2551.

“A Giant of Cultural Research: Seeing Further from the Shoulders of Kwok Leung”, with Morris, M, Doucet, L, & Gong, Y, Management and Organization Review, 2017, 13: 703–711. 

“The impact of future time orientation on employees' feedback-seeking behavior from supervisors and co-workers: The mediating role of psychological ownership”, with Qian, J, Lin, X, Han, Z et al,Journal of Management & Organization, 2015, 21: 336-349.

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“The relationship between organizational justice and organizational citizenship behavior: The moderating role of cultural value orientation”, with Schilpzand, M., Martins, L.L., Kirkman, B.L., Lowe, K.B., Management & Organization Review, 2013, 9: 345–374.

“Why Do I Feel Valued and Why Do I Reciprocate”, with Liu, J., Lee, C., Hui, C., Journal of Management Studies, 2013, 50: 963-1154.

“Empowerment and creativity: A cross-level investigation”, with Sun, Li-Yun, Zhang, Zhen, Qi, Jin, The Leadership Quarterly, 2012, 23: 5-65.  

“Authentic leadership and feedback-seeking behaviour: An examination of the cultural context of mediating processes in China”, with Qian, and J., Lin, X. S. Journal of Management & Organization, 2012, 18: 286-299.

“Inducements, contributions and fulfillment in new employee psychological contracts”, with Lee, C., Rousseau, D. M., Liu, J., Hui, C. Human Resource Management, 2011, 50:201-226.

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“Individual power distance orientation and follower reactions to transformational leaders: A cross-level, cross-cultural examination”, with Kirkman, B. L., Chen, G., Farh, J., & Lowe, K. B., Academy of Management Journal, 2009,52, 744-764.

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“Employee demography, organisational commitment and turnover intentions in China: Do cultural differences matter?” with Francesco, A. M., Human Relations, 2000, 53(6): 869-887.

Refereed Best Paper Proceedings:

“Why Offering Participative Opportunities Does Not Necessarily Facilitate Speaking Up: Examining the Role of Harmony-Oriented Implicit Voice Beliefs in China”, with Liang, J., Huang, X., Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings’2013, Orlando, USA, OB. 

“Processes linking perceived leader-subordinate goal similarity to subordinate performance”, with Aryee, S, Lee, C. & Hui, C., Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings’2005, Honolulu, USA, OB.

“Empowered to act: understanding the relationship between delegation and employee outcomes in China”, with Aryee, S., Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings’2004, Louisiana, USA, OB: H1-6.  (Carolyn Dexter Award Nominee)

Research grants and awards

Selected research grants:

Management Division, National Natural Science Foundation, People’s Republic of China, Competitive Earmarked Research Grant (Grant Number: 71962034), Big fish in a small pond? Exploring the Positive Effects of Employee Perceived Overqualification: A Crisis Self-verification view. (2020-2023). 


Award of Best Paper with International Implications, Organizational Behavior Division, the Academy of Management (2013)

Research engagement and outreach

Service to the Profession

  • Senior Editor, Management and Organization Review
  • Member of Editorial Review Board, Journal of Organizational Behavior
  • Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Management and Organizations (The official journal of Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management)
  • Co-chair, Research Committee, International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR) (2000-2012)

Service to the School/University

  • Deputy Director - Research School of Management (2015-2018)
  • Chair - Higher Degree by Research Committee, Research School of Management (2015-2018)
  • Convenor - PhD Program, Research School of Management (2013-2015)


MGMT8006 Management Research Methods (for PhD and research students)

MGMT8003 Organisational Behaviour (for MBA program)

MMIB8004 Special Research Topic 2 (for Ph.D. students)

MMIB8007 Tsinghua Research Project  (for Master of Management program)