Pradeep Kumar Hota

Pradeep Hota


Research School of Management

Research Fellow
Social Entrepreneurship
Room 1043, PAP Moran Bld (26B)
Research areas

Social entrepreneurship; Hybrid organization; Entrepreneurship; Emerging economies; Resource mobilization.


Pradeep Hota is a Research Fellow of Social Entrepreneurship. His research interests span social entrepreneurship, hybrid organization, entrepreneurship, emerging economies, and resource mobilization. In particular, Pradeep is interested in understanding the role of social enterprises in creating sustainable social value for the marginalized population. He is investigating different aspects of social enterprises such as hybridity, impact measurement, resource mobilization and the effect of context on the social entrepreneurial process. Pradeep’s work on the ANU Grand Challenge of Social Cohesion, Diversity & Integration involves understanding the role of social enterprises in developing social cohesion in Australian communities. He has published in outlets including Journal of Business Ethics, and Management and Organization Review.

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Research publications

Chatterjee, D., Subramanian, B., & Hota, P. K. (2020). Professionalization and Hybridization Dynamics of Social Enterprises. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 1-15.

Hota P., Balaji S, & Narayanamurthy, G. Uncovering the Intellectual Structure of Research in Social Entrepreneurship: A Citation/Co-citation Analysis , Journal of Business Ethics. 

Hota P., Mitra S & Qureshi, I. Adopting Bricolage to Overcome Resource Constraints: Case of Social Enterprises in rural India, Management and Organization Review.