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Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies & Statistics

Associate Professor
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+61 2 612 51526 Mobile +61 411 241 091
4.02, CBE Bld (26C)
Research areas

INVESTMENTS in general, with specific expertise in the following:

  • Superannuation and retirement - default products; governance
  • Funds management - performance, capacity, active vs passive
  • Portfolio construction, including utlity functions , asset allocation
  • Evaluation of investments - asset classes and strategies
  • Valuation
  • Long-term investing
  • Taxation - imputation, managed funds

Dr Geoff Warren is an Associate Professor at the Australian National University, where he is Fund Convenor of the ANU Student Managed Fund. He is a member of various investment and research advisory boards, including for Atlas Infrastructure, ASIC Consultative Panel, Brandes Institute, Conexus Institute, FMAA, Salvation Army and Super Consumers Australia. Geoff is an active researcher who focuses on investment-related areas with an applied emphasis, including: superannuation, retirement, fund management, portfolio construction, long-term investing, and evaluation and taxation of investments. Prior to pursuing an academic career, he spent over 20 years in investment markets, including as the Director of Capital Markets Research at Russell Investments; as an analyst, Chief Strategist and Head of Research with investment bank Ord Minnett / JP Morgan Australia; and as an equity portfolio manager at AMP Capital. Geoff has a PhD from the AGSM, and a BComm (Hons) with the University Medal from UNSW.


Research publications

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Research grants and awards

  • CIFR Research Grant F016: In-house Funds Management by Superannuation Funds; (team leader); $22,500 cash component; awarded October 2015; joint with David Gallagher and Tim Gapes, CIFR (internal project)
  • CIFR Research Grant F004: The Dividend Imputation System: Efficiency and Effectiveness; (team leader); $24,060 ($10,260 cash component); awarded May 2015; joint with Andrew Ainsworth and Graham Partington, University of Sydney
  • CIFR Research Grant T003: Investing for the Long Run; (team leader); $140,000 ($80,000 cash component); awarded November 2013; joint with Stephen Gilmore, Will Hetherton and Nigel Wilkin-Smith, the Future Fund
  • CIFR Research Grant SUP002: Structure and Responsibilities in Default Superannuation Funds: Influences and Effectiveness” (team leader); $164,705 ($80,000 cash component); awarded September 2013; joint with: Adam Butt, ANU; Scott Donald, UNSW; Doug Foster, UTS; Susan Thorp, UTS
  • ARC Linkage Project LP0669252: The Determinants and Impacts of Analyst Activity in Australian Equity Markets; $255,000; awarded July 2006; joint with Baljit Sidhu (team leader), John Roberts, David Simmonds, Tom Smith (then AGSM); industry partner: ASX

Research engagement and outreach

Editor - finance area, Accounting & Finance

External engagement related to the Student Managed Fund

Regular presenter at investment industry conferences (see cv, file linked)

Member of various advisory bodies: ASIC Consultative Panel; Super Consumers Australia Research Committee; Salvation Army Investment Advisory Board; Atlas Infrastructure Investment Governance and Macro Advisory Boards; Brandes Institute Asia-Pacific Advisory Board; Financial Management Association of Australia (ANU representative on the Board)


FINM3009/FINM6009 Student Managed Fund

FINM3010/FINM6010 Student Managed Fund Extension