How to book a group study room

To ensure that everyone has a chance to use CBE Connect, room bookings are limited to 1 hour per person, per day. Please consider others when using these rooms. They are intended for short meetings/study sessions.

Checking availability

Room availability is shown by the colour of the buttons and screen in the Schedule View. If they are green, the room is available. If they are red, the room is reserved.

Booking a room

  1. Touch anywhere on the booking panel to wake it up.
  2. Touch the Available time slot to book the room. The Reserve screen is displayed.
  3. Set the meeting start time by using the single and double arrows on either side of the date and time field to navigate to the desired time. The single arrows increase or decrease the time in one minute increments, while the double arrows increase or decrease the time in one hour increments.

  4. Enter your University ID as the organiser name and a reservation subject in the appropriate fields. This information is shown for the time slot on the Schedule View when the room is reserved. If no information is entered or something other than a university ID is entered in the organiser field, the booking will be considered invalid.

  5. Choose the reservation length by touching one of the buttons in the Reservation Length section of the screen. 
  6. Touch Reserve to reserve the room. The Schedule View and  buttons are red and the reservation subject, organiser, and remaining time are displayed.