Mr Jamie McCarry

Mr Jamie McCarry

Jamie is a truly Pan-Asian finance executive having spent the last 20 years setting up and running successful businesses from India to China (and many places in between) while working with some of the largest and most esteemed entrepreneurs, private and state owned enterprises across the Asia Pacific region.

Originally from Scotland, Jamie studied economics at the University of Glasgow before spending his formative years in the City of London at GRE (latterly AXA) Group HO in a range of finance, compliance and strategy roles. Jamie moved to Asia in the late 90’s and living and working across the region for the last 20 years, during a period of sustained economic growth, has presented many incredible opportunities. Amongst Jamie’s proudest achievements was the build-out of AXA’s Asian business including a regional network of highly successful joint ventures with the leading domestic banks and private enterprises in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India and ultimately China where Jamie was responsible for establishing then growing the ICBC-AXA JV into the largest foreign JV insurer in China.

Having worked with one of the most significant China SOE’s (ICBC) Jamie then further deepened that China experience at Fosun, one of China’s largest POE’s, managing investment teams in Shanghai, London and New York.  Currently, Jamie spends his time between Shanghai and Sydney managing several private equity investments in the food, beverage and finance sectors as well as providing investment advisory services.

Jamie’s passion for developing sustainably successful businesses built on conscious responsible leadership and committed talent development is reflected in activities like his prior tenure as Chairman of CEIBS Advisory Board, China Top Employer awards, sponsorship of the Ambition AXA Global Cultural Transformation programme and establishment of CEIBS Euro China Chair for Leadership and Responsibility amongst other activities.