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Associate Professor Ofer Zwikael


Position(s):Associate Professor, Associate Dean (HDR)
Phone:Ext. 56739
(+61) 2 612 56739
Fax:(+61) 2 612 58796
Office:Room 1102
LF Crisp Building (26)
Mailing Address:
Research School of Management
ANU College of Business and Economics
LF Crisp Building 26
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200
Ofer Zwikael

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Dr Ofer Zwikael's research focuses on the selection, management and evaluation of projects. Dr Zwikael is the author of two books and more than 100 scholarly peer-reviewed papers that have appeared in a variety of academic journals and conference proceedings, including top journals, such as the Journal of Operations Management and the British Journal of Management. He is currently on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Project Management. Dr Zwikael is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® and has served on the Executive Boards of three Project Management Institute chapters. He has lead, trained, mentored and consulted projects and program groups in dozens of organisations, including Motorola, Nestle, Teva (Israel), IRL, PINZ (New Zealand) and Nationwide Bank (UK). Dr Zwikael is the recipient of the International Project Management Association's Outstanding Research Contributions Award.

Disciplines & research interests

  • Management
  • Project Management

Selected publications on project selection, management and evaluation:

· Zwikael, O., Shtub, A., Chih, Y. (2014). On the use of simulation based training for management education: mind the gap as one size does not fit all. Journal of Management in Engineering. [ARC ranking: A*].

· Zwikael, O., Pathak, R. D., Singh, G., Ahmed, S. (2014). The moderating effect of risk on the relationship between planning and success. International Journal of Project Management, 32 (3), 435-441. [ABDC ranking: A].

· Aviram-Unger, E., Zwikael, O., Restubog, S. (2013). Revisiting goals, feedback, recognition and performance success: the case of project teams. Group& Organization Management: An International Journal, 38 (5), 570–600. [ABDC ranking: A].


· Zwikael, O., Smyrk, J. (2012). A general framework for gauging the performance of initiatives to enhance organizational value. British Journal of Management, 23, S6-S22. [ABDC ranking: A].

· Zwikael, O., Ahn, M. (2011). The effectiveness of risk management: an analysis of project risk planning across countries and industries. Risk Analysis: An International Journal, 31 (1), 25-37. [ABDC ranking: A].

· Ahn, M., Zwikael, O., Bednarek, R. (2010). Technological invention to product innovation: A project management approach. International Journal of Project Management, 28 (6), 559-568. [ABDC ranking: A].

· Zwikael, O., Unger-Aviram, E. (2010). HRM in project groups: the effect of project duration on team development effectiveness. International Journal of Project Management, 28 (5), 413-421. [ABDC ranking: A].

· Lipke, W., Zwikael, O., Henderson, K., Anbari, F. (2009). Prediction of project outcome: The application of statistical methods to earned value management and earned schedule performance indexes. International Journal of Project Management, 27 (4), 400-407. [ABDC ranking: A].

· Zwikael, O., Sadeh, A. (2007). Planning effort as an effective risk management tool. Journal of Operations Management, 25 (4), 755-767. [ABDC ranking: A*].

· Zwikael, O., Globerson, S. (2007). Quality management - a key process in the service industries. Service Industries Journal, 27 (8), 1007 - 1020. [ABDC ranking: A].

· Zwikael, O., Globerson, S. (2006). Benchmarking of project planning and success in selected industries. Benchmarking - an International Journal, 13 (6), 688-700. [ABDC ranking: A].

· Zwikael, O., Globerson, S. (2006). From critical success factors to critical success processes. International Journal of Production Research, 44 (17), 3433 - 3449. [ABDC ranking: A].

· Zwikael, O., Cohen, Y., Sadeh, A. (2006). Non-delay scheduling as a managerial approach for managing projects. International Journal of Project Management, 24 (4), 330-336. [ABDC ranking: A].

· Zwikael, O., Shimizu, K., Globerson, S. (2005). Cultural differences in project management processes: a field study. International Journal of Project Management, 23 (6), 454-462. [ABDC ranking: A].

· Zwikael, O., Globerson, S. (2004). Evaluating the quality of project planning: a model and field results. International Journal of Production Research, 42 (8), 1545-1556. [ABDC ranking: A].


MGMT7170 Tools and Techniques for Business Project Management

MGMT7169 Management Framework for Business Projects

Consultation times

by arrangement

Professional responsibilities

Editorial Board Member:

·      International Journal of Project Management

·      International Journal of Project Organisation and Management

·      Serbian Journal of Management

·      Problems and Perspectives in Management Journal


ANU Program Convenor:

·      Master of Project Management

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