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Professor Kieron Meagher

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Office:Room 2012
HW Arndt Building (25A)
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Research School of Economics
ANU College of Business and Economics
HW Arndt Building 25A
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200
Kieron Meagher

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Kieron Meagher received an MA (Hons.) in pure mathematics from Waikato University and a PhD in Economics from the Australian National University. Kieron's research is focused in the fields of Industrial Organization, Organizational Economics and Political Economy and he has published in a number of international journals including the Journal of Economic Theory, Economic Theory, the Journal of Law, Economics and Organization and the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. His research interests include decision making and management in firms; spatial competition, public-private partnerships, the design of business surveys, the political economy of infrastructure investment and the formation of political parties.

He is one of the authors of the government funded, Society for Knowledge Economics report on High Performing Workplaces

He has consulted for Woolworths on regulation issues and for Telstra on telecoms policy. He has also worked with over 100 public and private organizations on improving their performance.

Disciplines & research interests

  • Economics
  • Organizational Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Industrial Organisation
  • Computational Economics
  • Applied Microeconomics


Selected Publications

  1. Meagher, Kieron and Andrew Wait, “Delegation of Decisions about Change in Organizations: The roles of competition, trade, uncertainty and scale”, Journal of Law Economics and Organization (forthcoming). 
  2. Meagher, Kieron, (2012) "Optimal Product Variety in a Hotelling Model", Economics Letters, Economics Letters, 117(1), pp. 71-73.
  3. Boedker C., Vidgen R., Meagher K., Cogin J., Mouritsen J., and Runnalls J. M. (2011) Leadership, Culture and Management Practices of High Performing Workplaces in Australia: High Performing Workplace Index. Funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. Published by the Society for Knowledge Economics, October, 2011. 65 pages. ISBN: 978-0-9775436-3-2.
  4. Meagher, Kieron and Zauner, Klaus G., (2011) "Uncertain Spatial Demand and Price Flexibility: A State Space Approach to Duopoly", Economic Letters, 113(1), October, pp. 26-28.
  5. Meagher, Kieron and Klaus Zauner, (2005) "Location-then-Price Competition with Uncertain Consumer Tastes", Economic Theory 25(4), pp. 799-818.
  6. Meagher, Kieron and Klaus Zauner, (2004) "Product Differentiation and Location Decisions Under Demand Uncertainty" Journal of Economic Theory 117(2), (August), pp. 201-216.
  7. Meagher, Kieron and Hugh Wilson, (2004), "Different firm size effects on wages for supervisors and workers", Economic Letters 84(2), pp. 225-230.
  8. Meagher, Kieron and Mark Rogers, (2004) "Network density and R&D Spillovers", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 53, (February) 2, pp. 237-260.
  9. Meagher, Kieron, H. Orbay and T. Van Zandt, (2003), "Hierarchy size and environmental uncertainty". In: M. Surtel and S. Koray (Eds.) Advances in Economic Design, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany, 2003, pp. 439-457.
  10. Meagher, Kieron, (2001), "The Impact Of Hierarchies on Wages", Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation 45, (August 2001) 4, 441-458.

Professional responsibilities

  • Co-editor Organizational Economics Proceedings
  • Co-organizer of the annual Organizational Economics Workshop

Research Papers

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